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 Paul Winchell grew up on Lake Wylie, just outside of Charlotte, NC, where he spent most of his time on his family’s boats. Consequently, his interests developed into part-time jobs at local marinas during high school. After hearing his older brother’s praises of CFCC’s boat building program, Paul decided to try it out for himself in the 2003-04 school year. He graduated in August, 2004 with President’s List honors.

Paul says Cape Fear Community College has helped him in many ways, including valuable lessons experienced, friendships made, and wisdom gained from his instructors. Paul says, “Professionally CFCC has helped me with specialized skills learned in the program, the numerous business contacts found, and most recently by employing me as an instructor.” Paul is now a boat manufacture and service instructor at CFCC, specializing in fiberglass boats.

Paul’s advice to future students of the CFCC boat building or boat manufacture and service program is to “stick with it even through the occasional difficult and unglamorous tasks associated with boat building.” He assures that the reward of seeing the finished product and the pride felt when the job is completed is “well worth the sweat.” Paul explains that virtually every aspect of modern boat construction is covered to some degree in his courses leaving students open to go into the area of the marine business that they enjoy most.

As for his plans for the future, Paul hopes for a long career at CFCC. “The pride and respect felt by the entire faculty and staff at Cape Fear Community College has been a wonderful environment to work in,” says Paul. His goal is to be able to grow with the program and to help train his students with the newest technology to help prepare them for a rapidly changing industry.

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