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By Alicia Gronneberg, CFCC Intern

Betty Rogers is proud to be a member of CFCC’s first-ever graduating class in surgical technology in 2010. She enrolled at CFCC after she and her husband moved to Brunswick County in 2008, because she was interested in this brand new health curriculum.

Currently Betty works at Cape Fear Hospital as a surgical technician, assisting surgeons in the operating room during procedures. “We gown and glove the surgeon when he enters the O.R., help with draping the patient, pass instruments and prepare sutures.” 

Betty believes that CFCC provided her with “a well rounded education…both through the classes offered both online and on campus.” She says she especially benefitted from the program’s  on-the-job clinical aspect, where she participated in important hands-on work that prepared her for her career.

She loves her job and says, “I am lucky to every day be going to a job where I get to make people better—it’s a wonderful feeling.”

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