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Jay Taylor likes Cape Fear Community College.  So does his dad, James (who goes by “Jay”), his mom, Anita, his sister, Kimberlee, and his daughter, Carrie. Five members of the Taylor family from three different generations have walked the halls of CFCC, a fact that makes Jay Taylor smile. 

He says his family’s love for the college is simple, “It’s local, it’s convenient, and it’s a great school.  We’ve all had positive experiences at CFCC.”

Taylor first enrolled at CFCC in 2006.  At 35, he was a newly single dad, going back to school for the first time.  “I was terrified,” Taylor said, “the last time I was in school, we used real typewriters.  But everyone I encountered at CFCC put me at ease.  I felt like each person I dealt with really took the time to listen and help.  The instructors were supportive and knowledgeable, and I quickly found a study group where I developed friendships.  In fact, I still keep in touch with some of the people I met.”

“The schedule worked well for me, too.  CFCC really accommodates non-traditional students.  I wouldn’t have been able to complete my studies at CFCC and transfer to UNCW if I hadn’t been able to take classes at night and online.”

At CFCC, Taylor double majored in Psychology and Sociology.  He also earned an Associate’s Degree in History before transferring to UNCW.  “CFCC was a great choice for me, because the support and encouragement I found there helped me find the strength to follow through.”

CFCC was a great choice for Taylor’s parents, too.  Jay’s father, James “Jay” Oran Taylor Jr., studied machining at Cape Fear Community College when it was known as Cape Fear Tech.   He was recruited by GE while finishing up his coursework, and has recently retired after 35 years with the company. 

Taylor’s mother, Anita, also attended Cape Fear Tech, where she took business classes.  Taylor says her coursework helped her to quickly gain employment, and to eventually open her own business.  Taylor’s sister, Kimberlee, attended CFCC and got her Associates in Office Systems.  Kimberlee is the Assistant to the Carolina Beach’s Sherriff and Fire Chief. 

The latest member of the Taylor family to attend CFCC is Carrie, Taylor’s daughter, who is currently studying Psychology at CFCC.  She plans to follow in her father’s footsteps and transfer to UNCW to pursue a degree in the Psychology.  Jay says he encourages Carrie to “stick with it.  Use the resources that CFCC offers – there’s a wealth there.  Take advantage.” 

Today, Jay Taylor works in the mental health field in Wilmington. He loves his job, and plans to pursue his Master’s Degree in Social Work at UNCW this fall.  He says working in mental health can be challenging, but “making a difference in one person’s life makes everything worthwhile.”  He hopes to eventually open his own practice, and ultimately, for Carrie to take over.  “Then I can retire,” says Taylor.

Taylor is impressed with all the changes happening at Cape Fear Community College.  “I’m excited to see all the growth, because I know what CFCC has done for me and for my family.  I hope that as the college continues to grow, many other students will benefit.” 

He hopes that CFCC’s continued growth will mean more hands-on, specialized training opportunities for students.  “I’d love to see more specialized classes, in psychology especially,” said Taylor.   

Taylor’s says his motto is “Anything you do to better yourself helps you to better your community.” 

He added by saying, “I think the perfect place to do both is Cape Fear Community College.”

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