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The Landfall Foundation’s $5,000 grant to Cape Fear Community College’s health science programs is enabling more students to become certified in their field of study and increasing their opportunities to become successfully employed.

This year’s grant is assisting students finishing CFCC’s Dental Hygiene Program. Upon successful completion of program coursework, students are required to take certification exams to further qualify them for employment. The Landfall Foundation’s funds cover a portion of the costs of the certification exams, which many students struggle to pay.

Regina McBarron, chairperson of CFCC’s health science programs, says that the funds provided by the Landfall Foundation help students complete one of the final steps toward employment. These certifications help our students get jobs.  Often, students have difficulty affording the exams on top of all their other expenses. The Landfall Foundation grant will help students pay for the exams, and in turn, help them attain good jobs in our area.

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