The CFCC Campus Fund

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The CFCC Campus Fund is supported year-round by the generous employees of Cape Fear Community College. In 2013-14, about 75% of full-time CFCC faculty and staff contributed to the fund, raising $82,000 to provide scholarships for students, support for CFCC’s mini-grants program, and funds for professional development for staff members. This participation demonstrates how dedicated and compassionate the employess are CFCC are, and sets a wonderful example for the students and community we serve. 

The CFCC Foundation hosts a Campus Fund Drive at the beginning of each academic year, but employees also donate year-round to commemorate birthdays and other special occasions, or as a memorial to loved ones. Want to make a gift to the Campus Fund yourself? Click the “Give Now” button to the right to get started, or download the Contribution Form at the top of this page.

Thank you for Setting the Stage for Student Success!
CFCC Campus Fund: It Starts with Us.

Your 2013-14 Campus Fund Advisory Board
Randy Johnson, Chair
Sonya Johnson
Mark Miller
Joy Smoots
Stacy Tatum
Georgia Walker
Patrick Whitfield
Dana McKoy, Foundation Staff Liaison

About your CFCC Campus Fund gifts:

  • CFCC Campus Fund gifts support CFCC students through scholarships, department mini-grants and support to academic programs and Sea Devil athletics.
  • Our students need and appreciate our help! About 80 percent of CFCC students apply for financial assistance.
  • Every gift - no matter how big or small - makes a difference! Sometimes the cost of one textbook is enough to keep a student from succeeding in class.
  • A gift of $1,500 provides tuition and books for a CFCC student for one semester. This equals about $5 per work day - less than the cost of eating a fast-food meal.
  • Your generosity shows the greater community that our employees believe in our mission and helps the CFCC Foundation take the message of “Raising Funds, Raising Hopes and Fulfilling Dreams” to an even broader audience.
  • You can donate to the CFCC Campus Fund all year and make donations to honor or remember friends and family on special occasions or holidays. We will even send an acknowledgement card to your honoree to inform them about your gift!
  • Your support of CFCC students is an investment in the local community. Most CFCC graduates remain in the area and add to the local economy. One out of every seven county residents has taken classes at CFCC in the past year.

Prizes! Fun! Incentives! You could be a winner this September!

  • Pledge or give a gift of any amount during the August-September Fund Drive to get in the drawing for numerous prizes!
  • Pledge or give a gift of $250 or more to qualify for all regular prizes, plus SUPER PRIZES!
  • Make all or part of your gift “unrestricted” or “current needs” funds* to qualify for another SPECIAL PRIZE! Part-time employees must give at least $50 to unrestricted; Full-time employees must give at least $100 to unrestricted.
  • Receive a special bonus gift for all first-time donors to the CFCC Campus Fund!

This year’s winners (updated weekly):

to be announced!
to be announced!
to be announced!
$25 gift certificate to Fat Tony’s Italian Restaurant: Rhonda Tighe

*Why are unrestricted or “current needs” gifts so important to the College?

CFCC mini-grants and professional development opportunities for staff are funded from unrestricted giving. Over the past few years, fewer mini-grants have been awarded because the CFCC Foundation has received fewer unrestricted gifts. While designated gifts are most appreciated, unrestricted gifts also allow the CFCC Foundation to support under-represented academic programs and meet unexpected student needs.

Empower students.
Provide hope in our community.


CFCC Campus Fund: It’s Worth the Investment