The Importance of Scholarships

Our students work hard, and the Foundation understands that often the main barrier to furthering and completing their education is financial. For students, financial assistance means going from two jobs to one or making a decision between whether to pay for child care or to go to school at all. Many of you who benefit from scholarships come from right here in Southeastern North Carolina.

Once you graduate, we are counting on you to become an important and integral part of our community and neighborhoods. Graduates play a key role in our economic vitality because many CFCC students stay and work here when they graduate. In a recent study a remarkable 97 percent of employers expressed complete satisfaction with the CFCC graduates they hire.

We encourage students who receive scholarship support at CFCC and move on to successful careers to consider giving back to other students through scholarship support so others can also achieve their educational goals.

Empower students.
Provide hope in our community.


CFCC Campus Fund: It’s Worth the Investment