Gary Gulliksen’s Profile

Gary has been an educator for over thirty years, which means he’s been broke most of his life and started teaching at age 12.  He has taught at the college/university level for 22 years. He has taught at numerous fine schools and locations including: University of Hawaii, U.C.L.A., Purdue University, University of Saint Francis, The American School of Nouackchott Mauritania, and at 93rd and Hoover in da hood in South Central L.A. He has been teaching at CFCC for eight years and has enjoyed every moment of it. He is a published author and poet. He has been published in numerous small periodicals and journals and rejected from most of the FINEST periodicals in the world. He currently LOVES spending time with and raising his young son Gage Sterling. He also likes surfing, disc golf, and camping. Contact Gary via campus Cruiser or visit him in S301- I.