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Connecting History Educators

Welcome to the History Teaching Alliance of the Lower Cape Fear.  We are based in the vicinity of Wilmington, North Carolina.  This organization is an educational partnership that provides dialogue between museums, historical sites, community colleges, high schools and universities.  The History Teaching Alliance (HTA) promotes academic and intellectual inspiration, pedagogical support, and social networking opportunities.

Pages will be developed to record events of the History Teaching Alliance and to provide a forum for online discussion of educational topics.  If you happen to stumble upon this blog and feel inspired to contribute, whether you are local or not, welcome and thank you!

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Archives for 2005-2006

In 2005 Dr. Susan McCaffray, Department Chair of History at UNC-Wilmington initiated the origins of the History Teaching Alliance and found eager participants at Cape Fear Community College, the U.S.S North Carolina Battleship, the Cape Fear Museum, and the Bellamy Mansion Museum.

By January 26 2006, the first symposium was held at UNW with professor Taylor Fain presenting the ”New History of the Cold War” in the recently constructed Watson School of Education building between 4:15-5:45pm.  Wine and appetizers contributed to a vibrant atmosphere and this event was well attended by UNCW professors in Education and History, as well as History instructors from Cape Fear Community College and the chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Following up on the program, the Cape Fear Museum hosted “Teaching History with Artifacts and Documents”, March 30, 2006.  Kim Sincox from the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship highlighted rich resources from the ship’s archives and encouraged teachers to utilize these resources, while the curator of the Cape Fear Museum described some of the fascinating artifacts that were not currently on display and effectively demonstrated that there is much more to a museum than meets the eye.

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