Active Directory/Reimaging ALL School Computers/Save your files

ALL faculty and staff computers will be reimaged over the summer
ALL faculty and staff must move personal files off their PCs before summer break
ALL faculty and staff must move their school-related documents to their u-drive before summer break (the helpdesk can assist)

Software programs and printers may have to be upgraded to work with Windows7

What is AD? It’s Active Directory (AD) and Cape Fear Community College is changing over from the Novell system to AD. Novell is the platform that most of our servers, printers, and file shares reside on. Think of shared folders, networked printers, server applications like Datatel Colleague and Matrix OnBase. The initial login to your computer will be Microsoft Active Directory which will give you rights and access to all of the above.

Why are we doing this? Datatel Colleague is driving this decision. It’s the application that holds everything important to the college, student records, grades, employee records, purchasing info, basically everything we need to run the school. Datatel Colleague is going in the direction of Microsoft for its Operating System. Most of the connecting applications will require Microsoft’s Active Directory as well.

When is it coming? We are currently Using AD to authenticate some of our Web Applications. This was the reason behind the Mass Password Change on Feb 7th. Burgaw will be the first location to have workstations join the Active Directory Domain, which is scheduled for full AD conversion over Spring break. After that our plan is to convert all staff and faculty computers to AD over the summer. It’s a huge project and we’re going to need everyone’s help to be successful.

Every computer in the school will have to be touched by an IT person and ‘reimaged’. Reimaging is basically reloading the operating system. As a result, nothing of the old operating system or user files will remain. We’re upgrading to Windows 7 and Office2010. There’s no expense for the departments, our Microsoft agreement pays for the upgrades.

What do faculty and staff need to do? For our staff to complete this large project, we need to work with clean PCs. We’ll need everyone to remove their personal items, whether it’s pictures, music, videos and save to a flash drive or whatever means you chose. Take them home, put them in a drawer in your office, just be sure you save them.

IT Services staff will assist you with school-related documents. Everything must be uploaded to your u-drive which is your personal server space. No one else will see or have access to this information, but we have limited space. The entire school copying their MyDocuments folder to a server will take a lot of space and we must ask it’s only school related documents, spreadsheets, test banks, etc.. IT services will be running file checks on the servers for unauthorized files, which include pictures, movies and music. These files will be removed from the network to make room for work related files.

More information will be coming out about this project and exactly what you’ll need to do to prepare your computer. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions and assistance when needed. Over the summer the computers will be reimaged, when you return in the Fall and log in you’ll get instructions on downloading the u-drive files. Or, we can help you. Thanks for your patience during this exciting time.
Be sure any sensitive school documents stay on the school’s network.