Recovering missing GroupWise email

NOTE: Please follow these instructions to restore your missing mail before October 1st. After that the backup will no longer be available.

In order to follow these instructions, you must be on campus and using the desktop client for GroupWise (not the web access/myCFCC client).

When you look at your GroupWise email, you will see that there is a gap starting on August 11th. The email between the 11th and the 18th is available on your backup, and you can restore it to your mail if you wish by following the instructions below. If you have trouble or feel uncomfortable with this process, feel free to contact Donna Grier at x7138 or

Step 1: Access your backup

Click File, then select "Open Backup"In GroupWise, click the File menu, then select “Open Backup”.   This can take a minute to open.

Step 2: Restore email

When the backup opens, it will look just like your normal email message list.   You can see and read your messages there and decide what to restore.     There will be some email in your backup that is already in your mailbox – it’s ok if you restore that, you’ll just end up with two copies.

Select messages, right-click on the messages, select Restore

To restore email – select the message(s) you would like to restore and either right-click and select Restore, or use the Actions menu to select Restore.  (Yes, you can just choose to select all the messages and restore everything if you wish. An easy way to select all messages is to go to the Edit menu and click “Select All”.)


NOTE: Don’t forget to go into Sent Items or other folders if you wish to restore those emails.