Groupwise is going away!

(from an email sent January 29 2013)


G-Mail will be replacing GroupWise as the official e-mail system of CFCC.  I’m sure there are a lot of questions and concerns.  Here’s a FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) to start us off:
– Compatibility with the Colleague Portal
When implemented, this portal will provide embedded email among a host of other convenient features.  G-Mail is one of two e-mail systems that are compatible.
What was the other compatible system?
– Microsoft Office 365

This is Microsoft’s web-based e-mail system which is very similar to G-Mail.

Why now?
– GroupWise is not as young as it used to be…
When we were alerted that the new Colleague Portal would embed an e-mail system, we decided to “wait and see” which ones would be supported.  Therefore, we made a conscious decision to stay on our then current version of GroupWise.  Our GroupWise version is now old and does not run on the most recent hardware (servers).  It’s time.
Why not upgrade GroupWise to the latest version?
– Even upgraded, GroupWise will still not be compatible with Colleague’s Portal.
– G-Mail has wonderful features that work across the spectrum of mobile devices.
– G-Mail is part of our Google Apps for Education Suite.

As such, it is hosted by Google in redundant world-class facilities and supported 24×7 by teams of personnel worldwide.

When will the change from GroupWise to G-Mail occur?
– We will start in February and hope to finish before Summer semester.
Am I alone?
– No, IT Services will:
Conduct Training Sessions for groups
Migrate everyone department by department to G-Mail where we will provide one-on-one training.
Will I lose anything going to G-Mail?
– Our migration tool will move from GroupWise to G-Mail:
all your current e-mail
all your archived e-mail
all your folders (and folders inside of  folders)
all your contacts
all your groups, categories and priorities
the read/unread status of all your GroupWise e-mail
your calendar
your signature

In short, practically everything you have in GroupWise will be populated in G-Mail by this tool that IT Services will run for you.

This is the first of a series of FAQ’s.  Stay tuned for more information and, please, send any questions you might have.