Hello GMail, Goodbye GroupWise FAQ

(email sent on Feb 1 2013)

For some of us, it’s tough… we’ve spent over 20 years on GroupWise and now it is going away?  Yes, Gmail is now the official email platform of Cape Fear Community College.  GroupWise will not exist after June.

The period between February and June will be the transition from the old to the new.  IT Services is going to do as much as possible to make that transition a smooth one.  However, this transition will require us all to learn new things and do a few things differently.

I’ve received many responses since my last email.  Thanks!  Here are answers to a few of the questions you sent me:


Where/What is this Gmail account and how do I get one?

You already have it.  My apologies.  I have used the term “Gmail” as shorthand for the email system provided by our college web-portal ” myCFCC. ”

  • The myCFCC Portal actually includes Google Apps for Education, a full suite of services geared for education.
  • This suite contains a word processor, a presentation application, calendar, file storage and…. Gmail (and more!).
  • So, it really is Gmail, just without the ads or banners and with an increased email capacity limit (25GB!).

 Will I be able to keep my old GroupWise email address?


  • Everyone who currently has a GroupWise address (mine isdchappell@cfcc.edu) will be able to receive email under their GroupWise account address.
  • This will be accomplished initially via a Forward from GroupWise to your Gmail account.
  • This also answers several already Frequently Asked Questions such as:
    • Do I have to get new Business cards?  No
    • Do I have to locate every instance of my old email address (like on websites) and change it?  No
    • Do I need to alert everyone I have sent an email to that my address has changed?  No

What about sending email?  Which email address will appear to the recipient of my email address, GroupWise or Gmail?


  • You will be able to select either your GroupWise or your Gmail address to be displayed.
  • This is a setting that you control.  Stay tuned for easy instructions on how to set it to your preference.
  • Email sent to you using both/either address(es) will be received in your Gmail account.

 What do I need to know as we transition to Gmail?

– No new GroupWise email accounts will be created.

  • All existing employees already have a myCFCC Gmail account.
  • All new employees automatically receive a myCFCC Gmail account when the hiring process is complete.
    • In the transition period, new employees will not have a GroupWise-like email account name (i.e., dchappell@cfcc.edu).
    • However, after the conversion process is complete in June, a GroupWise-like account name may be created for them.

– If you send a “Capefear_All” from GroupWise, you will miss those new hires that only have Gmail addresses during the transition.

Therefore, during this transition (only), follow these simple steps to send an email that will reach everyone:

1.    Go to Gmail (in myCFCC, click the  “Email” icon
2.    Select “Compose”
3.    In the “To” field type: “capefear_all@cfcc.edu” (with an underscore) and this will send email to all GroupWise accounts.  **Then**, in the same field, type: “capefearall@mail.cfcc.edu” (with no underscore) and this will send email to all the Gmail accounts.
4.    Fill in the “Subject” Field
5.    Type your message
6.    Hit “Send”

OK, it sounds confusing, but doing it is actually easier than it reads…  Be careful that the correct addresses are selected as “auto complete” may not give you what you intended.  Remember: “capefear_all” and “capefearall” … but it’s only for a short while.  As soon as everyone is on Gmail, there will be only one capefearall.

What do I need to do now to prepare?

– Clean out your GroupWise mailbox and Archives.

  • Delete unwanted GroupWise email and empty the Trash.
  • Go through your Archives and keep only things that might have future value to you.
    • Hint: sort the Archives by different categories to cast a wide net for unwanted email.

– Disable all forwards to GroupWise.

  • If you have any email accounts forwarding to GroupWise, especially from myCFCC Gmail, Remove Those Forwards Now!
  • Forwarding from any other email system (especially Gmail) will create an endless email loop once we put into place a Forward from GroupWise to Gmail.

-Sign up for a Gmail class.

  • These will be announced in the coming weeks.

 Anything else I need to know?

-The Auto-archive feature in GroupWise has been disabled.

  • This has been done in preparation for your move.
  • This means that older email will simply stay in your inbox.

Do not manually archive messages.

  • We are trying to reduce the amount of Archived email that will be migrated to your Gmail account.

-Items in the GroupWise Trash will empty immediately on request.

  • This wasn’t the case before    … Even after Deleting, your email stayed in the Trash Folder until our system had a chance to back it up.  This gave folks a chance to change their mind… 😉
  • Now, when you “Delete and Empty,” it’s *gone* instantly.


Stay tuned for more FAQs and in the meantime, keep your questions coming!