Google Apps Migration Schedule

Google Apps migration and training!  

Migration is ahead of our original schedule.  If we continue at our current rate, we should be finished by mid April rather than the orignal June date.

Our plan is to contact each department the week before their move.

We will offer training for two days in the TTC or in NA-311 each week. We also plan on holding open house at the TTC for several hours on Fridays (this could change depending on demand) for anyone with questions about Google Apps.  Online help materials are available, too.

See the Training Schedule to sign up for a training session and to see the Friday walk-in hours.

The following is a TENTATIVE schedule, and may shift as we go along.

December: President’s Office – complete
January: IT Services – complete
Feb 4-6:Foundation – complete
Feb Feb 4-8: Marine Technology – complete
Feb 11-15: Science – complete
Feb 18-22: Vocational – complete
Feb 22-24: Social and Behavioral Sciences – complete
Feb 22-24: Health Sciences –  complete
Feb 22-24 : Instructional Operations  – complete
Feb 24-26: Math and PE – complete
Feb 24-27: English –  complete
Mar 1-3: Humanities and Fine Arts –  complete
Mar 3-8: Engineering Technology  –  complete
Mar 7-8: Public Services –  complete
Mar 8-10: Business Technologies  –  complete
Mar 11-15: Institutional Effectiveness and Human Resources  – complete
Mar 11-24: Student Development -  complete
Mar 15-20: Business and  Institutional Services  –  complete
Mar 18-22: Learning Lab and LRC  –  complete
Mar 20-26: Continuing Education – complete
Mar 29: Auditing