New Gmail training!

Posted on behalf of Bethanne Tobey:

Take advantage over the summer to learn more of the organizational features of Gmail. These workshops will be offered to all CFCC employees this summer only.

Register today!

Organize Your Email
Time: 1 hour
This training session will provide faculty and staff a hands-on opportunity to learn, practice and use organizational features of Gmail such as:

  • labels
  • search email
  • sectioning inbox items (stars, unread, read…)
  • “move to”
  • color coding
  • turn on/off email threads

Gmail Tips and Tricks
Time: 1 hour
Discover the hidden “gems” of Gmail with the click of a button. This hands-on session is open to faculty and staff and will cover items like:

  • requesting a “Read receipt” for sent email
  • retract an email
  • create a “canned response”
  • display settings
  • “send as” aliases
  • and more!