Lions, Tigers and Active Directory

Hopefully by now you have heard that this thing called Active Directory (AD) is being implemented. However, what you really want to know is, “how is it going to affect me”?

Q: What is the single largest impact on every faculty and staff member AD will bring?

A: Each one of the 700+ faculty and staff computers will be “wiped clean” and Windows7 installed

Q: OK, but how does that affect me?

A: No files that you have created on your PC will exist afterwards unless they have been copied off beforehand.

Q: What will happen if files are not copied off of my computer?

A: They will be lost with no means of recovery.

Q: How does this differ, say, when I have received a new computer in the past?

A: In the past, IT Services has searched your computer for each one of your files, saved them, and then restored them on your new PC.

Q: Why can’t IT Services do it for me this time?

A: We need your help. Even with additional temporary staff, we need for those who are able to save their own files to do so. 700+ computers in less than 6 weeks does not allow enough time for us to complete this transition, even with additional help, before Fall semester starts.

Q: What if I’m not comfortable copying my files?

A: There will be detailed instructions on how to do this published soon

Q: What if I’m still not comfortable doing this?

A: IT Services has been allowed to take on temporary personnel to help those who are in need copy their files. Please call the HelpDesk or, better yet, go to myCFCC and click on the HelpDesk icon.

Q: Where do I copy these files?

A: That will be included in the instructions, but the short anser is on your “U:” Drive which resides on the college network (not your PC)

Q: What of 10-month employees?

A: Do it *now*.

If you need help, get the request in early enough for us to be able to help you. Even with additional personnel, IT Services will not be able to handle a flood of requests just before May graduation.