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New Computer Installs:   The new computers that were requested at the September budget hearing are starting to come in. IT Services is prepared to install them as soon as possible. We are trying to adhere to a tight schedule to get as many computers, as possible, in place before Fall classes end. If you are getting a new computer, an email will be sent from one of our techs. The subject will be New PC Installs and it’s very important that you respond. We’ll be asking

  • for a convenient time to install the PC
  • that you back up your files
    • or ask us for help, we’ll be glad to assist
  • that you document the names of your programs for reinstall

With your help we’ll be able to install all the new PCs quickly with the least amount of interruption to the end user.

What will be on the local drive of your computer after the Active Directory reimage?    NO DATA, no documents, no spreadsheets, no Groupwise archives, no test banks, no program data and no bookmarks.  If these files have not been moved to a flash drive, U: drive, shared drive, or external storage, they will be gone.  Please call us if you are not sure your data is saved.  The reimage begins May 14th.

How do I check my Groupwise archives?     Click on Tools/Options/Environment/File Location.  Archive directory should say s:\gw\archive\ (see attached email for detailed instructions).  If it doesn’t call the helpdesk or submit a ticket asap.   If Archive Directory does say s:\gw\archive, open an archived email and make sure they are accessible.  Call us if you have any questions.

Program Files After Active Directory Reimage     Any program needed to do your job will have to be reloaded after the reimage.   Please submit a helpdesk ticket with program names and versions.   We have a list of this information, but the format is difficult to decipher and will slow down the process.

Lecture Room Computers will also be Reimaged     If you store data or programs on a classroom computer, please save them.   This does not include computer labs, only lecture rooms with one computer.  If it’s a program from a textbook, be sure you have the media needed to reload the program.  All files, videos, everything needs to be saved to flash drive, DVD, external storage.  If you need help, contact the helpdesk.

Do you have a scanner?      Where is the data being saved? If it is Matrix/OnBase, you’re fine that data is on a server.  If it is Scantron for surveys or other data, please check the location of the saved data.  If you need help contact the helpdesk.

Be sure to have access to your CFCC employee ID     Why?   Because the 7-digit number on that ID is needed to reset MyCFCC/Active Directory passwords.

Are You Sure Your Files are Saved?     Andrew and Edward (our IT file save guys) have checked behind a few people  who thought their files were saved to an external drive.  They weren’t.  Please verify your files are saved to  your flash drive, external HDD, call if you have questions.