Schedule for Imaging Faculty and Staff Computers

This is a tentative schedule, and could change as we go along.  We will keep this page updated as we move along in the process.

***Be sure that your files have been saved off of your computer and your GroupWise archive directory is pointing to the s:\gw\archive folder  and they work as expected.   This should be completed no later than May 11, 20012****
May 2012
 7           Consultant comes on Campus for back-end setup
14           Maintenance (5) and Director IS (2) **Done**
15           IT Services **Done**
16           Institutional Effectiveness and Copy Center (15) **Done**
17           hire date for temp workers and Training
21           Personnel (10) **Done**
22           Shipping (5) , **Done**
23           Business Office (60) , **Done**
28           Memorial Day
29           Student Services including Q-bldg  (65)    **Done**
31           Instructional Services (14)     **Done**

June 2012
4            Begin LRC (30)     **Done**
8            DataNetworks complete (consultant no longer on campus)
11          Learning Lab (20)   **Done**
12          9-Month Faculty Begin
14          Continuing Education C, T, X, and Basic Skills (1st floor S-bldg.) (60)  **Done**
18           Begin Instruction
Deans and Departments by Buildings 6th floor S-Bldg. and on down
S, A, N, W, L, K, R, F, E, V, NA, NB, NC, ND, NY, NZ
19           PSTC bldg, and Social & Behavioral Science
July 2012
24           **All Faculty and Staff Workstations are Done** 
27           Begin Lecture Classroom Computers, but not the computer labs.


Software that will not run on Windows 7 PCs

We’ve done a quick inventory of software running on CFCC’s office (admin) computers. The software listed below is not Windows 7 compliant. This means when the computers are reimaged with Windows 7 over the summer, this software will not be put back on the computers. Please take a look at the list. You may need to purchase an upgrade to your software.  Contact the helpdesk if you need an upgrade quote.

Adobe Acrobat 5
Adobe Acrobat 7 and 8 Pro
Adobe Contribute 3 & 4
Adobe CS3
Adobe CS2
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2
Adobe Stock Photos 1.0 (CS2)
AutoCAD 2007 (autodesk)
AutoCAD 2008 (autodesk)
AutoCAD 2009 (autodesk)
Corel Painter 11
Rosetta Stone V2
Surfer 8
Quickbooks 2008 and 2009