Active Directory Migration Questions

– how do I burn a CD/DVD with my personal files?
Put a blank CD in the CD-ROM drive of most computer and drag and drop the files.  XP or Win7 operating systems will burn the files onto the CD.  The files can’t be edited (most of the time), so it’s pretty much a copy and save thing.

– how do I reload software programs that were on my computer before the re-imaging?
There are about 700 computers to be re-imaged, we are asking department heads to submit a list of software that is critical.  After our techs go through and image all the computers we’ll go back and finish up the software.  If your software isn’t Windows 7 compliant, you may have to upgrade the software.  All computers will have Windows 7, Office 2010, Internet Explorer 9, and Chrome.  All other software will have to be installed later.  We plan to set aside the month of June to do the images and then the month of July to go back for other software installs.

– will my bookmarks in Internet Explorer and Firefox still be available after the re-image?  If not, how can I save them and restore them when the re-image is complete?
Bookmarks in IE are in the Favorites folder which can be copied to a flash drive and reloaded later.  There are many versions of Firefox out there.  We are recommending all bookmarks be imported into Internet Explorer (IE) and then copy the Favorites file to the u-drive.  Chrome will be the other Internet browser available on re-imaged computers.  CFCC will only be using IE and Chrome, all other browsers will not be supported.

– will we need to close the library while their computers are being re-imaged?
The library has purchased new computers and IT staff will be working them them to get the new equipment in place.  In the past we’ve had the library back up and running in 1-2 days.  Student computers are not all being upgraded to Active Directory this summer.  Our focus is on administrative computers, staff and faculty (employees).

– can I buy flash drives for all of my instructors from central stores?  How much will those cost per flash drive?
Central Stores is looking at purchasing flash drives.

– if I have student files on the servers that support my classes in the classroom, will they still be available or will I need to store them elsewhere?
Only a few student labs will be converted to Active Directory this summer.   Those few labs will not have shared drives.  CFCC faculty will need to make use of other means to get files to and from the students.  We recommend using the existing curriculum classes in Blackboard. Continuing Education Blackboard classes can be created upon request.  Blackboard classes offer more options for you and your students to share, collaborate and store files from any device that can browse the Internet.

Most of the students labs will remain on Novell until next summer.  Your files will remain in computer labs.

We plan to to re-image all the lecture room computers (smartcarts and podiums) along with the Employee Office Computers.  These computers will be wiped also and when you return you will use your MyCFCC user name to login.   Each employee will be able to access their U: drive from any computer that is joined to the Active Directory Domain, even in the classrooms.

– will my Groupwise archives survive the re-imaging process?
Yes, but you must take action to move them to the network.  Instructions have already been sent out on how to do this.   Please, check your Groupwise archives and verify they are attaching correctly.

– Certain faculty machines that have specialized software (installed by IT services) will need to be reinstalled after the re-image.  Should instructors have a list of all other applications necessary to be reinstalled attached to their computer before it is re-imaged?
A list of important software would be great.  We have taken a snapshot of the software on every computer at the school and stored it in a report for backup.  Any information you can provide would be appreciated.  If the software is not Windows 7 compliant, it may have to be upgraded.

– Is there an exact date (for 12 month employees who will be here summer semester) that we need to have our files moved and/or backed-up by?
We are working on the re-image schedule now and the order that departments will be completed.  We ask that your computer be cleaned by the end of the spring session.  “U:” drive server space is limited to 5 GB per person, so please delete and clean up what you can.  After your computer is re-imaged, the files can be copied back onto your computer and you will have room for growth.

– Will the student computers be “down” at all during summer semester?  I teach an intensive CAD class in NB 106 Summer Semester.
Other than Burgaw, we have plans to do only one computer lab each at North and Wilmington Campuses.

– How can I see how much space is used on My Documents and the “U:” drive?
Right click on the My Documents or Documents folder and select Properties.  Size will be displayed.  The same can be done for the u-drive either from Explorer or My Computer (Computer) by clicking on the “U:” drive icon, highlight files, right click and select Properties.