Groupwise is going away!

(from an email sent January 29 2013)


G-Mail will be replacing GroupWise as the official e-mail system of CFCC.  I’m sure there are a lot of questions and concerns.  Here’s a FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) to start us off:
– Compatibility with the Colleague Portal
When implemented, this portal will provide embedded email among a host of other convenient features.  G-Mail is one of two e-mail systems that are compatible.
What was the other compatible system?
– Microsoft Office 365

This is Microsoft’s web-based e-mail system which is very similar to G-Mail.

Why now?
– GroupWise is not as young as it used to be…
When we were alerted that the new Colleague Portal would embed an e-mail system, we decided to “wait and see” which ones would be supported.  Therefore, we made a conscious decision to stay on our then current version of GroupWise.  Our GroupWise version is now old and does not run on the most recent hardware (servers).  It’s time.
Why not upgrade GroupWise to the latest version?
– Even upgraded, GroupWise will still not be compatible with Colleague’s Portal.
– G-Mail has wonderful features that work across the spectrum of mobile devices.
– G-Mail is part of our Google Apps for Education Suite.

As such, it is hosted by Google in redundant world-class facilities and supported 24×7 by teams of personnel worldwide.

When will the change from GroupWise to G-Mail occur?
– We will start in February and hope to finish before Summer semester.
Am I alone?
– No, IT Services will:
Conduct Training Sessions for groups
Migrate everyone department by department to G-Mail where we will provide one-on-one training.
Will I lose anything going to G-Mail?
– Our migration tool will move from GroupWise to G-Mail:
all your current e-mail
all your archived e-mail
all your folders (and folders inside of  folders)
all your contacts
all your groups, categories and priorities
the read/unread status of all your GroupWise e-mail
your calendar
your signature

In short, practically everything you have in GroupWise will be populated in G-Mail by this tool that IT Services will run for you.

This is the first of a series of FAQ’s.  Stay tuned for more information and, please, send any questions you might have.

WordPress 101: Basic Content Management Training

The new website will launch very soon and the migration of department and program websites to the new template will begin.

This means it’s time to learn all about WordPress.

WordPress is the content management system used to create, edit, and maintain content on the new website. Training tutorials will be offered starting February 4th in the TTC (L210 in the Library Downtown.).

Available times are:

  • Monday Feb. 4th 10am-12pm
  • Friday Feb.  8th 10am-12pm
  • Monday Feb 11th 2pm-4pm
  • Thursday Feb. 14th 2pm-4pm

These sessions are open to all. However, if you currently use Adobe Contribute to create web content for it is highly recommended that attend one of the training sessions. Sign up by registering for one of the four training sessions below. If you do not currently work with web content for your program or department and want to learn how, then sign up! The are 15 seats available for each session.

If you have any questions email them to

Thank you for your interest but all sessions are FULL! More training sessions will be scheduled. Stay tuned to Cape Fear All emails and to the IT Update Blog for future information from the web team.

View / Download the WordPress 101 Tutorial.

No events available...

NEW! Homepage

CFCC Redesign offers a fresh, new look.

Beginning in late January CFCC’s public-facing website will have a brand new look! The new website has been developed in tandem with the current website and features a new responsive web site design that will adapt the page layout and content to the size of the user’s display or device. This will improve the accessibility of content  on for mobile devices, tablets, and traditional desktop computers. The new website is operational and available for review at

Furthermore, the new website has been built and developed on the WordPress Content Management System. This will usher in a new era of web content management and generation allowing in-browser editing from any PC for authorized users and eliminate the necessity of purchasing Adobe Contribute to maintain the website. CFCC has used WordPress as a content management system for several years: the CFCC News Feed, the Foundation, and the Hanover Art Gallery all use WordPress to create and maintain web content for the college.

What is the plan?

Some departments and sub-sites have already begun using the new website. This includes the Vocational Department, Student Clubs and Activities, and the new Faculty Association website. Several other departments have migrated and will launch soon.

In late January the CFCC home page will migrate to the new look and feel along with several general information pages that are maintained by the web team. For a short while the New and Old websites will exist in tandem and careful cross linking will allow site visitors to access all current website content. The CFCC public-facing website is a massive site with numerous content editors and this requires a phased approach to migration. As the Spring 2013 semester progresses the web team will approach (and work closely with) departments to migrate their content to the new look and feel as seamlessly as possible.

This is an opportunity for all departments to examine their current websites, review content and form new strategies for web assets. Some changes will be slight, others may be drastic. Regardless, the Web Team will assist and support every step of the way.

In addition to migrating, content tutorials and training will be offered to all current web editors and contributors to allow them to become familiar with the new website and its internal workings. Training will be offered via online tutorials, workshops in the TTC, and one-on-one training on an as-needed basis. More information on training and tutorials will be available soon.

  • It is important to note that the current method of creating and editing content will remain in place until the web team works specifically with a department to migrate to the new site.
  • Departments who do not currently maintain their own content will also be notified ahead of time prior to any migration of their web content.
  • Your website will not be changed without notification or your involvement.
  • Migration to the new site is mandatory.

Out with the old in with the new! What is changing.

  • The public-facing website will no longer require the purchase and installation of Adobe Contribute to access and edit pages.
  • Web editing is now accomplished in a web browser
  • The new website will have a fresh new look and a responsive layout providing solid user experience on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Current sub-sites with custom designed templates will temporarily use the standard CFCC template until site migration is complete.

What is not changing.

  • Site contributors are still in control of their own content
  • Create, edit, and maintain text, images, media, and documents
  • Site design, development and support is still handled by the CFCC Web Team
  • Site URLs (where appropriate) will remain the same. For example: will remain

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System. (CMS) A web-based program that stores, manages and displays web content. Website content creators use a web-based dashboard to create, edit and maintain text, images and media in various pages and posts.

Who can use it?

Potentially any CFCC employee can be given some level of permissions to access, create and edit content for the website. The content an employee can access has alot to do with the organization of the website.

The previous website was a large static site made of numerous directories and thousands of individual files that formed the site’s pages and content. Access is granted using a third party software and users are restricted to pages within the directory where their website resides.

The new website is actually a network of micro-sites bound by a common design theme and a universal navigation structure. Each Academic or Administrative department will be its own site in the network of CFCC websites. Consequently, each department can assign their own site administrator and users that can only access and edit the content of their specific site.

Overall cohesion, site-wide navigation, and look and feel will be managed through the use of themes and plugins that are centrally controlled by the CFCC Web Team.

So what’s next?

  • The new home page will launch in late January.
  • Training and tutorials will be ready by launch in late January.
  • The web team will approach departments to migrate sites throughout the Spring 2013 semester.
  • Even as the new site begins to take shape features and content will be revised and improved. Constant and evolutionary changes to are to be expected.
  • Please send questions or feedback to the college web designer at

Classrooms converted to Active Directory

What does that mean?

There are only a few student computer labs on campus that are connected to Active Directory (AD) S501 and NB233 in 2012.  IT Services goal is to have all computer labs converted by Fall 2013. AD is already on all the lecture room instructor PCs and that means instructors have to log into the computers. Once the computer labs are converted, students will also have to log into the computers. 

Now on Active Directory and Windows 7 Operating System:

Testing Labs (2) A316 and NB106

NA-Bldg (13+): 107, 203, 204, 206, 207, 211, 212, 213, 303, 304, 306, 311, 312 (Learning Lab – about half the lab and 2 in LRC (9-10))   

S-Bldg (11): 306, 308, 500, 501, 502. 503, 508, 509, 513, 609, 613, 615

NB-Bldg (1):  233

Student Computer Labs – Changes Coming Soon!!!

The Active Directory conversion is on schedule and should be completed by start of Fall 2013 classes.    What changes can you expect within the student computer labs?

Q:  What operating system and software will be on the computers?

A:  All lab computers will have Windows 7, Office 2010, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.  Specific software needs for your class will also be available if compatible with Windows 7.

Q:  How will I know if my software is compatible with Windows7?

A:  Check out the Compatibility list in this blog or visit Microsoft’s Windows 7 Compatibility Center website

Q: Will students have to login to the computer?

A:  Yes, both students and employees will use their myCFCC account to login.  There are instructions at the login screen about the ‘passwordhelp’ account if you forget your username or password.

Q:  What if I invite a guest speaker?  How can I help them get logged into CFCC owned computers or wireless?  What if they bring their own laptop?

A:  Fill out the Room Request Form found on the intranet.   The room schedulers have the ability to reserve the room for your guest as well as provide temporary login accounts.  These accounts will grant access to the classroom computers as well as SurfCFCC wireless internet (WiFi), depending on your needs.

Q:  Will my current class’ network shared drive still be available?

A:  No.  The preferred method to share files with your class is make use of your already existing BlackBoard class.  Every Curriculum class automatically gets a BlackBoard class with your students already populated.  Using BlackBoard will allow the students to work on assignments from any computer with internet access.   For more information and assistance with BlackBoard, please visit our Instructional Technologists in the Library.

Q:   When will my lab get converted?

A:  Currently only four computer labs have been converted to Active Directory NB233, NB106, A316 and S501.  IT will convert up to 27 labs prior to the start of Spring 2013.  The rest of the labs will be converted during Summer 2013.  All labs will be converted prior to Fall 2013 Classes.

Recovering missing GroupWise email

NOTE: Please follow these instructions to restore your missing mail before October 1st. After that the backup will no longer be available.

In order to follow these instructions, you must be on campus and using the desktop client for GroupWise (not the web access/myCFCC client).

When you look at your GroupWise email, you will see that there is a gap starting on August 11th. The email between the 11th and the 18th is available on your backup, and you can restore it to your mail if you wish by following the instructions below. If you have trouble or feel uncomfortable with this process, feel free to contact Donna Grier at x7138 or

Step 1: Access your backup

Click File, then select "Open Backup"In GroupWise, click the File menu, then select “Open Backup”.   This can take a minute to open.

Step 2: Restore email

When the backup opens, it will look just like your normal email message list.   You can see and read your messages there and decide what to restore.     There will be some email in your backup that is already in your mailbox – it’s ok if you restore that, you’ll just end up with two copies.

Select messages, right-click on the messages, select Restore

To restore email – select the message(s) you would like to restore and either right-click and select Restore, or use the Actions menu to select Restore.  (Yes, you can just choose to select all the messages and restore everything if you wish. An easy way to select all messages is to go to the Edit menu and click “Select All”.)


NOTE: Don’t forget to go into Sent Items or other folders if you wish to restore those emails.


Loading Printers

  1. Find your campus and operating system link below – open this link in INTERNET EXPLORER. Other web browsers will not work.
  2. Find your printer in the list. You can search for an inventory number (match to the inventory number on the printer), or by location, or by department (Ctrl+F will open search box).
  3. Click the name of the printer.
  4. Click Connect on the left side menu, and answer Yes to the prompt asking you if you want to add a printer connection.

If you have any trouble, please contact the helpdesk at HELP (4357).

Use Internet Explorer. Chrome does not work for printer loads.

Wilmington Campus
Windows 7: 
Windows 10:

North Campus
Windows 7:
Windows 10:

Burgaw Campus
Windows 7:
Windows 10:

Lecture Room Reimaging to Active Directory

Lecture classrooms were reimaged to Active Directory with Windows7, Office2010, and DeepFreeze.  This means that instructors will have to log into these computers using their Active Directory login credentials (i.e., jgdoe342) for Fall classes.  An advantage is that the instructor will have access to their u-drive in the classroom.  There will no longer be a MyDocuments on these computers.  DeepFreeze will return the classroom computer to it’s original configuration when the PC is restarted.  That way, instructors should see exactly the same computer configuration every time they walk into a classroom.

Schedule for Imaging Faculty and Staff Computers

This is a tentative schedule, and could change as we go along.  We will keep this page updated as we move along in the process.

***Be sure that your files have been saved off of your computer and your GroupWise archive directory is pointing to the s:\gw\archive folder  and they work as expected.   This should be completed no later than May 11, 20012****
May 2012
 7           Consultant comes on Campus for back-end setup
14           Maintenance (5) and Director IS (2) **Done**
15           IT Services **Done**
16           Institutional Effectiveness and Copy Center (15) **Done**
17           hire date for temp workers and Training
21           Personnel (10) **Done**
22           Shipping (5) , **Done**
23           Business Office (60) , **Done**
28           Memorial Day
29           Student Services including Q-bldg  (65)    **Done**
31           Instructional Services (14)     **Done**

June 2012
4            Begin LRC (30)     **Done**
8            DataNetworks complete (consultant no longer on campus)
11          Learning Lab (20)   **Done**
12          9-Month Faculty Begin
14          Continuing Education C, T, X, and Basic Skills (1st floor S-bldg.) (60)  **Done**
18           Begin Instruction
Deans and Departments by Buildings 6th floor S-Bldg. and on down
S, A, N, W, L, K, R, F, E, V, NA, NB, NC, ND, NY, NZ
19           PSTC bldg, and Social & Behavioral Science
July 2012
24           **All Faculty and Staff Workstations are Done** 
27           Begin Lecture Classroom Computers, but not the computer labs.