AD Implementation Summary and Schedule

Jan 23, 2012  Start Date:   Begin Phase I  (COMPLETE)
Windows 2008 Server Infrastructure Deployment 
   -Standup the Domain Controllers with AD and DNS, including the off-site DC.
   -Verify LDAP Connectivity, AD and DNS Replication.
Feb 3, 2012  end of Phase I
Feb 6, 2012 – Begin Phase II (COMPLETE)
Colleague and AD Integration 
   -Populate AD from Colleague. 
   -Verify user and group creation and configurations.
   -Redirect WebAdvisor and Blackboard to AD
Feb 17, 2012 – end of Phase II (DataNetworks end Date, CFCC will continue to integrate approximately 19 applications to AD)
Feb 20, 2012 – Begin Phase III  (COMPLETE)
File server installation
   -Create two File Servers per campus, one for Student and one for Employees.
   -Install DHCP campus wide
   -Create, import and test Group policies for workstations and users
March 2, 2012 – end Phase III
March 12, 2012 – Begin Phase IV (Spring Break)  (COMPLETE)
 Burgaw Implementation
   -Deploy all aspects of AD to Burgaw Campus 
March 23, 2012 – end Phase IV
May 7, 2012 – Begin Phase 4.5  (COMPLETE)
   -Implement File System Factory Server and Software for configuring and maintaining home directories within Microsoft Active Directory Environment.
May14, 2012 – Begin Phase VI (after Spring Classes end)
Employee Pilot Migration
   -Migrate User Data and Shares to AD as we join departmental groups of Workstations to AD.
June 5, 2012 – Begin Phase V (moved to end – main focus this summer is Admin Side)
North Campus and Main Campus Student Lab AD migration
-Configure Printing and join 1 Windows 7 Lab per campus. 
June 15, 2012 – DataNetworks end date, CFCC will spend all summer joining remaining employees to AD

Software that will not run on Windows 7 PCs

We’ve done a quick inventory of software running on CFCC’s office (admin) computers. The software listed below is not Windows 7 compliant. This means when the computers are reimaged with Windows 7 over the summer, this software will not be put back on the computers. Please take a look at the list. You may need to purchase an upgrade to your software.  Contact the helpdesk if you need an upgrade quote.

Adobe Acrobat 5
Adobe Acrobat 7 and 8 Pro
Adobe Contribute 3 & 4
Adobe CS3
Adobe CS2
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2
Adobe Stock Photos 1.0 (CS2)
AutoCAD 2007 (autodesk)
AutoCAD 2008 (autodesk)
AutoCAD 2009 (autodesk)
Corel Painter 11
Rosetta Stone V2
Surfer 8
Quickbooks 2008 and 2009

Active Directory/Reimaging ALL School Computers/Save your files

ALL faculty and staff computers will be reimaged over the summer
ALL faculty and staff must move personal files off their PCs before summer break
ALL faculty and staff must move their school-related documents to their u-drive before summer break (the helpdesk can assist)

Software programs and printers may have to be upgraded to work with Windows7

What is AD? It’s Active Directory (AD) and Cape Fear Community College is changing over from the Novell system to AD. Novell is the platform that most of our servers, printers, and file shares reside on. Think of shared folders, networked printers, server applications like Datatel Colleague and Matrix OnBase. The initial login to your computer will be Microsoft Active Directory which will give you rights and access to all of the above.

Why are we doing this? Datatel Colleague is driving this decision. It’s the application that holds everything important to the college, student records, grades, employee records, purchasing info, basically everything we need to run the school. Datatel Colleague is going in the direction of Microsoft for its Operating System. Most of the connecting applications will require Microsoft’s Active Directory as well.

When is it coming? We are currently Using AD to authenticate some of our Web Applications. This was the reason behind the Mass Password Change on Feb 7th. Burgaw will be the first location to have workstations join the Active Directory Domain, which is scheduled for full AD conversion over Spring break. After that our plan is to convert all staff and faculty computers to AD over the summer. It’s a huge project and we’re going to need everyone’s help to be successful.

Every computer in the school will have to be touched by an IT person and ‘reimaged’. Reimaging is basically reloading the operating system. As a result, nothing of the old operating system or user files will remain. We’re upgrading to Windows 7 and Office2010. There’s no expense for the departments, our Microsoft agreement pays for the upgrades.

What do faculty and staff need to do? For our staff to complete this large project, we need to work with clean PCs. We’ll need everyone to remove their personal items, whether it’s pictures, music, videos and save to a flash drive or whatever means you chose. Take them home, put them in a drawer in your office, just be sure you save them.

IT Services staff will assist you with school-related documents. Everything must be uploaded to your u-drive which is your personal server space. No one else will see or have access to this information, but we have limited space. The entire school copying their MyDocuments folder to a server will take a lot of space and we must ask it’s only school related documents, spreadsheets, test banks, etc.. IT services will be running file checks on the servers for unauthorized files, which include pictures, movies and music. These files will be removed from the network to make room for work related files.

More information will be coming out about this project and exactly what you’ll need to do to prepare your computer. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions and assistance when needed. Over the summer the computers will be reimaged, when you return in the Fall and log in you’ll get instructions on downloading the u-drive files. Or, we can help you. Thanks for your patience during this exciting time.
Be sure any sensitive school documents stay on the school’s network.

Lions, Tigers and Active Directory

Hopefully by now you have heard that this thing called Active Directory (AD) is being implemented. However, what you really want to know is, “how is it going to affect me”?

Q: What is the single largest impact on every faculty and staff member AD will bring?

A: Each one of the 700+ faculty and staff computers will be “wiped clean” and Windows7 installed

Q: OK, but how does that affect me?

A: No files that you have created on your PC will exist afterwards unless they have been copied off beforehand.

Q: What will happen if files are not copied off of my computer?

A: They will be lost with no means of recovery.

Q: How does this differ, say, when I have received a new computer in the past?

A: In the past, IT Services has searched your computer for each one of your files, saved them, and then restored them on your new PC.

Q: Why can’t IT Services do it for me this time?

A: We need your help. Even with additional temporary staff, we need for those who are able to save their own files to do so. 700+ computers in less than 6 weeks does not allow enough time for us to complete this transition, even with additional help, before Fall semester starts.

Q: What if I’m not comfortable copying my files?

A: There will be detailed instructions on how to do this published soon

Q: What if I’m still not comfortable doing this?

A: IT Services has been allowed to take on temporary personnel to help those who are in need copy their files. Please call the HelpDesk or, better yet, go to myCFCC and click on the HelpDesk icon.

Q: Where do I copy these files?

A: That will be included in the instructions, but the short anser is on your “U:” Drive which resides on the college network (not your PC)

Q: What of 10-month employees?

A: Do it *now*.

If you need help, get the request in early enough for us to be able to help you. Even with additional personnel, IT Services will not be able to handle a flood of requests just before May graduation.


Mark Your Calendars – Password Change!

On Tuesday. Feb 7 Faculty, Staff and Students will need to change the single password used to access any of the following services:

  • WebAdvisor
  • myCFCC Portal
  • BlackBoard (On-Line and Hybrid)
  • Wireless (SurfCFCC)
  • iTunes
  • PC Reservation System (LRC)
  • Informer (Query tool)
  • NelNet (Student Payment Service)
  • K-Box (OnLine HelpDesk Services)
  • People Admin (HR)

Before start of day, Feb 7, the password to the above services will be reset for everyone. To access any of them, you will need to change your password as your old password will not longer work.

Changing your password for any of these services can be done using the “What’s my Password” link provided on the login page to any of the services. Changed in one, the password is changed in all.

What will not change is the password you use for:

  • GroupWise
  • Novell (logging into the computer)
  • Colleague
  • Matrix (doc Imaging)

Students using BlackBoard in Distance Learning and Hybrid courses will be most affected by this change.

Instructors: It is not advisable to schedule assignment deadlines or testing in BlackBoard on Tuesday, Feb 7.

We will be getting the word out to students separately, but please call this to their attention.

These changes are coming about due to the implementation of Active Directory.