The Blockade Runner

The first project I worked on at CFCC was unrelated to any administrative or academic departments. I was given the task of designing a website for a non-profit organization whose goal was to build a steam and sail Blockade Runner srtaight out of the American Civil War. The ship upon completion would serve as a floating classroom and a living piece of history.

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Ask Ray!

In the second half of the 2008 fall semester the CFCC Web Master Christina Heikkila, working closley with Intelliresponse and many CFCC departments launched a natural language search interface for the CFCC website. In the planning stages it was decided that the search interface would have a unique CFCC branding that would feature the school mascot, Ray the Sea Devil.

The search engine would respond to natural questions like, “How do I apply?” or “How do I register for class?” and provide an answer from an extensive database of possible answers. Using the school mascot as a character that would “answer” the questions would hopefully create an environment that would be inviting, interactive and fun to use.

That’s where my contribution to the Ask Ray interface begins.

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New Posts for a New Year

Happy New Year Cape Fear. This year I hope to publish more consistent posts and to begin showing off some of the projects completed in 2008 as well show off new projects to come.

I’ve retitled my CFCC blog to “Web Kaizen”. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life by making small changes to improve whatever you are focused on. It can apply to anything, websites, professional development, relationships, hobbies, business, government or anything.

It will be fun to explore what changes I can make in the year to come.