The Blockade Runner

The first project I worked on at CFCC was unrelated to any administrative or academic departments. I was given the task of designing a website for a non-profit organization whose goal was to build a steam and sail Blockade Runner srtaight out of the American Civil War. The ship upon completion would serve as a floating classroom and a living piece of history.

The non-profit foundation running the show is called Carolina Power and Steam and they are not affiliated with CFCC but the head of the CFCC Boat Building School, Ed Verge, is a founding member of the board. The foundation had received permission to use CFCC’s water front to build the vessel and got web hosting donated by the school.

So, lucky me I got to design the website. I would be lying if said I didn’t jump at the opportunity. I met with their board to identify the features and content they wanted then I got some artwork and graphics from Don Perkins the CFCC graphic designer.

The layout is pretty straight forward. A simple logo in the header, a horizontal navigation, two columns for content, a parchment texture and dramatic central image featuring an artist’s rendering of the vessel by Don Perkins.

Home page for the Blockade Runner Project web site.
Home page for the Blockade Runner Project web site.

Unfortunately, many of the features and content are incomplete and dependent upon the foundation’s progress with the construction of the actual vessel. The construction of the Blockade Runner is many years away. And the website, which gets very little traffic, will probably remain in it’s quasi-finished state for the foreseeable future.

It was a fun project and I will probably revisit the site some time soon to tighten up a few loose ends and make some creative improvements.

To learn more about the project and it purpose see the website here at