In Progress.

There are several projects in progress at this time.

I’m still working on a tutorial for new WordPress users.

I’m also working on a tab interface for the homepage. Each tab will display the contents of a feed reader from CFCC news and departmental blogs.

Interface for presenting RSS feeds

Chris Libert has been sending me a constant stream of updates for the Student Clubs and Activities page. Their fast content jobs but the real reason I’m mentioning this is that Chris is using a Student Clubs and Activities WordPress blog to post news and events. The feed from this blog is one of the feeds going to my tab expirment for the home page. It’s essentially dynamic content for the home page that I don’t have to mess with. It’s like a dream come true.

I’ve informed the Learning Lab of my intentions to redesign their site and expect content and features wishlist from them by next week.

I’m sketching ideas for poster and web art for the Arts Poetica event this spring. Here are couple of less than stellar digital mock up samples.

Tentatively finished a redesign of the SurfCFCC login page for the campus wireless network. I worked with Kris Pratt on this one. He’s setting up a new wireless controller and needed a custom login form. Hence the redesign. It was kind of like working blind in that I had no access to router that would serve the files.  But with instructions in hand and some determination to make this work Kris and I turned out a nice and functional login page.

Once the wireless controller and it’s fresh new login form rolls out I’ll need to redesign the SurfCFCC info pages on the main website to reflect a consistent look.

Projects come and go. I don’t think I’ve listed them all in this entry. When I finish one two more pop-up.

It’s good to say I’m never bored.