Project Updates & Future Plans

My whiteboard has not had snarky drawings on it for a while now. It has been used for a more practical purpose, to list the array of projects I can choose from on a daily basis to work on.

To that end here are some project updates:

The UI for the Virtual Campus Tours. Is now much more than and PSD comp. The site is up on the server but it is not linked to anything and I’m certainly not promoting it.  The hold up as usual is the content (or the lack there of).  It’s just a matter of time but the video and 360 panoramas are in production.
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Virtual Campus Tours

The Virtual Campus Tours page will use a jQuery tab interface that will allow the user to switch between multiple views.

Several views will include interactive maps of the various campuses that will also feature text, images and additional flash objects. 360 photographs will also be included (either flash or quicktime). The vehicle of their inclusion is still up in the air.
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