28…er…68 Days Later

Wow. Time flies huh. The undead Cape Fear Bond site launched a long time ago. You can go check it out.

One of the features that pushed the development of the Cape Fear Bond site is the web cam. Our web cam has arrived and it’s mount is currently being fabricated. It will be placed on the north-west corner of the L building at the downtown campus.

Here’s a panoramic I stitched together to give you an idea of the view.

Red Cross & Front Street.

Don’t you just love Photoshop?

The empty lot on the right and the sorry looking brick building sit on the location of the upcoming Union Station. As a matter of fact that brick building is no more. Really. Watch it disappear in like 2 and half minutes.

Since then I’ve redesigned the Continuing Education group of pages. Gave them a new template and everything. Some of the departmental sites still need work and will probably fall into my creative hands in the very near future.

The latest big project is a self directed project to rebuild the Intranet in Drupal. Unfortunately you guys wont see the results as the Intranet is only accessible on our admin network.

For those of you who are detail oriented. I’m using WAMP to turn my PC into test server and run a instance of the latest Drupal. I’ve selected a few modules to extend the core functionality: CCK, TinyMCE for the WYSIWYG, Nice Menus for the horizontal drop down site navigation. A few that I’m still deciding on are a LDAP module, User Roles and Permissions, and Taxonomy or a site hierarchy module.

There is an element of learn-by-doing and trial and error involved here. But then again I’m a learn-by-doing type anyway.

My biggest complaint about Drupal, is that it’s not easy like WordPress. I can knock out a WordPress site in a snap and I can make it do some pretty cool stuff too. And when I think about a school rolling out their entire website powered by WordPress like Bates College. It makes me wonder why I’m even messing with Drupal in the first place.

I guess I’m still skeptical of using a “Blogging” Platform as a CMS for big website. (Even though I’ve done it twice, foundation.cfcc.edu and capefearbond.com. Both are powered by WordPress MU)

Hopefully the payoff with Drupal will reveal its’ self while building this new Intranet site.