Wrapping Up for the Holidays.

Counting this little post I’ll  wrap up the year with 15 Blogs posts. This does not include the tutorials I’ve posted to the DIY Web Resources blog. I’m not tooting my horn, but at the beginning of 2009 I promised more posts to this here work blog. I’ve delivered one blog post a month which is plenty considering that no one is reading this.

To close out the year I’ll share with a few projects that are either finished or in development.

Mobile Friendly Web Pages

In keeping with my love affair with expensive miniature computers that you can fit in your pocket I developed some mobile friendly pages that will serve as a Self Guided Walking tour. There is nothing really special here. Just small images, clean code and flexible layout. But, it looks and works great using a touch screen web enabled phone.

Simple but effective way to provide information on points of interest around campus.

The plan is for students who can’t take a guided tour to stop by Student Development and pick up a campus map. The map will provide the URL to the mobile site. The site will provide explanations and additional information on key points of interest around campus.

If anything this could provide the base of building something truly useful and interactive in the near future. Like integrating a panning, zooming and interactive map into mobile friendly format eliminating the need for a “paper” map altogether.

Align Your Sails

Arr! Mates we’re-a-headin for rough seas. I recently launched a CFCC web page for the Align Your Sails program. Align Your Sails is essentially a mentoring program for students. The key for jump-starting this program is communication and making sure the staff can get the word out. So, along with a website will be a targeted campaign to promote the program on CFCC’s Facebook page, News and Events blog and Campus Cruiser Announcements.

Arr! Yee nautical theme be salty.
Arr! Yee nautical theme be salty.

The website is really a central hub for information about the program and home for the student mentor application forms that are powered by Opinio and use the Response Notification plugin to forward the applications to Align Your Sails staff.

Pretty clever.

Closing Up Shop

The year is ending and the school is a ghost town for winter break but I’m still hard at work. A few of my projects include:

  • Developing a new Intranet site using  Drupal that will live on a virtual server,.
  • Redesigning the Humanities and Fine Arts website.
  • Setting up YouTube direct for the CFCC you tube channel
  • And finally finishing that Virtual Campus Tours page! (Not my fault, I’m still waiting on content.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year