2010: The Year We Made… Websites?

I try to keep this blog “project centric”. Most of my work revolves around content management and technical support for website contributors. That type of stuff is not really blog worthy. Big projects are not rare, they just take time to complete. Especially projects that involve academic departments. I have dry spells when the school is closed for the holidays or not running at full capacity. To put it bluntly when the faculty leave so do the projects. So, consequently this blog suffers from dry spells.

Not true for the beginning of the fall or spring semesters when I am besieged with requests for new projects. I am a happy camper during these times having so many opportunities to flex my design skills. So, the following is a list of upcoming projects and while some are in development and have artwork and layouts in some stage of completion I’m not going to include design imagery because the designs are not yet approved.

1) Marine Technology

Finally, I get to redesign the Marine Technology Website. This is one of flagship programs of the school and I have always felt the website was in desperate need of a redesign. So this really is a prestige project that I am super excited about.

Vessels from the MarTech Fleet docked at CFCC
Vessels from the MarTech Fleet docked at CFCC.

The MarTech department recently installed a webcam on their dock. This required some changes to their landing page and as I dug through the horrifically invalid and bloated code I had finally had enough. I let the department know that their website was a mess and needed attention to bring the design, code and content up to date.

There was some concern from the department that the site would change too much and that department members would lose access to their templates or content. I assured them that  just wasn’t that case. I told them that I was going to redesign and restructure the site templates but I will leave the user generated content intact. I was given the green light to proceed.

2) Humanities and Fine Arts

The HFA department approached me about their website prior the holiday break in 2009. This too is a good project to tackle but has already hit a few roadblocks.

First, the faculty and staff from the department split half way trough the month of Decemeber and were unavailable for three weeks.

Second, it’s quite challenging to come up with a design that has to communicate concepts from the various disciplines under HFA. Communications, philosophy, fine arts, drama, religion, music and  foreign languages. Sheesh!

Third, the HFA department is not very well documented visually finding relevant, usable photography has been one hell-uv-a-hitch in the process.

Don’t worry solutions are being pursed and mock ups will soon be ready for submission to the department for evaluation.

3) Arts Poetica III

CFCC’s annual pseudo-bourgeois poetry performance will kick off in April and I will once again reprise my role as poster designer.

2009 Arts Poetica II Poster.
2009 Arts Poetica II Poster.

However, this time I’ve upped the ante and suggested the development of a website. This website will be part marketing tool and part archive for a one off performance that is  lost each year forever. It is my understanding the performance will be recorded and where better to house the video archive than on CFCC’s YouTube channel and then embedded into the Arts Poetica Website.

A little help along the way

There are other projects I’m not listing whose details are still unclear but will keep me busy in the near future. And to assist me in creating new designs and obtaining just the right photos for my layouts the college has been to so kind as to purchase a Canon 450D (Rebel Xsi) for me to use.

"My own, my precccioussss."
"My own, my precccioussss."

In the coming year I hope to prove the camera’s worth and justify the expense by capturing relevant and better imagery for the CFCC website and all of my upcoming projects.

Until then…