Completed Projects So Far.

The MarTech website is complete and you can view it here. Launching the site had it’s fair share of snags but overall an improvement compared to the original.

While you are enjoying the new MarTech website, have  a look at the wp-theme  I threw together for the News and Events Blog.

“Threw together” is really a good description for how that project went down. I started and finished it very quickly. I wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel for this project. I just wanted an updated look that matched the rest of the website.

I’ve also completed work on the Virtual Campus Tours and the Library Mobile Services Website.

Both of the projects are experimental and are still growing and improving.

On my white board at the moment  is a list of projects including:

  • Finishing up the Humanities and Fine Arts website
  • Improving and adding video content to the Mobile Tour website
  • New web pages added to for the Early Childhood Development Program
  • New web pages added to for the Parking Admin unit.

So I should be fairly busy for a while.