Justin Floyd: Accomplishments 2012-2013

To name a few and in no particular order

General Accomplishments

  • Revisions, content updates, troubleshooting and general maintenance
    accomplished on a daily basis

  • Posters, iconography, and support graphics design for various applications.

cfcc.edu Redesign

  • Redesigned main college website utilizing modern web standards including HTML 5, CSS3, and ├é┬áresponsive web development techniques. http://cfcc.edu

  • The new website is developed for the WordPress content management system which modernizes the content management strategy of the college by placing content management into a web browser accessible dashboard that provides greater flexibility for department and content generators to create, edit, and maintain content.

  • Initiated web content migration to move academic program and departmental websites to the new content management system.

  • Developed and taught training classes for CFCC content managers to familiarize them to the new content management system.

New Website Content

  • Lots and lots of migrated websites.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Was elected (and currently serving as) Vice President of DiDD North Carolina Community College Association of Digital Designers and Developers