Cape Fear Bond: Rise of the Undead-Zombie-Site.

In the fall of 2008 Cape Fear region voters overwhelmingly voted yes to enact a 146 million dollar bond that would allow Cape Fear Community College to build new classroom buildings and dramatically expand it’s capability to offer educational services to the region.

At that time I had created a brochure site to help promote the bond and the college. That site is still up, lurching through the internet in undead grotesqueness. It is un-updated, un-loved  and you can see it here.

It needs to come down.
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Fun Stuff at CFCC

CFCC has a ton of options available to spread their message far and wide. Including Social Networking, or New Media or whatever the heck you want to call it. So, while the network prevents students, faculty and staff from accessing “social media” sites from campus assets, we have created and support a CFCC presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

The debate on whether to open the school network to social media has been kind of a slow burn. It flares up from time to time but goes unnoticed in the daily hubbub. There are two camps: one side says, “open it up” the other camp says, “block it and restrict it”. Currently only authorized individuals are allowed to through the filters for official CFCC social media work.
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CFCC Foundation

Over the last month I have been working closely with the  Cape Fear Community College Foundation. The Foundation is CFCC’s non-profit fund raising organization. Their existing web pages are a part of the website  and designed within the CFCC web template. The web pages display announcements of news and events, scholarship information, faculty grants, student ambassador applications and a whole lot more.

I became interested in the Foundation site when I had an opportunity to see how other schools where presenting their counterpart organizations on the web. This gave me the idea to redesign the Foundation website. I decided that reorganizing the existing content within the web template wouldn’t be good enough. I felt that a total realignment of the Foundation’s web presence was needed. They needed a bold new face, a focused message, and improved accessibility of their content.

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