Justin Floyd: Accomplishments 2012-2013

To name a few and in no particular order

General Accomplishments

  • Revisions, content updates, troubleshooting and general maintenance
    accomplished on a daily basis

  • Posters, iconography, and support graphics design for various applications.

cfcc.edu Redesign

  • Redesigned main college website utilizing modern web standards including HTML 5, CSS3, and  responsive web development techniques. http://cfcc.edu

  • The new website is developed for the WordPress content management system which modernizes the content management strategy of the college by placing content management into a web browser accessible dashboard that provides greater flexibility for department and content generators to create, edit, and maintain content.

  • Initiated web content migration to move academic program and departmental websites to the new content management system.

  • Developed and taught training classes for CFCC content managers to familiarize them to the new content management system.

New Website Content

  • Lots and lots of migrated websites.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Was elected (and currently serving as) Vice President of DiDD North Carolina Community College Association of Digital Designers and Developers

2010: The Year We Made… Websites?

I try to keep this blog “project centric”. Most of my work revolves around content management and technical support for website contributors. That type of stuff is not really blog worthy. Big projects are not rare, they just take time to complete. Especially projects that involve academic departments. I have dry spells when the school is closed for the holidays or not running at full capacity. To put it bluntly when the faculty leave so do the projects. So, consequently this blog suffers from dry spells.
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Wrapping Up for the Holidays.

Counting this little post I’ll  wrap up the year with 15 Blogs posts. This does not include the tutorials I’ve posted to the DIY Web Resources blog. I’m not tooting my horn, but at the beginning of 2009 I promised more posts to this here work blog. I’ve delivered one blog post a month which is plenty considering that no one is reading this.

To close out the year I’ll share with a few projects that are either finished or in development.
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