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Justin Floyd: Accomplishments 2012-2013

To name a few and in no particular order

General Accomplishments

  • Revisions, content updates, troubleshooting and general maintenance
    accomplished on a daily basis

  • Posters, iconography, and support graphics design for various applications. Redesign

  • Redesigned main college website utilizing modern web standards including HTML 5, CSS3, and  responsive web development techniques.

  • The new website is developed for the WordPress content management system which modernizes the content management strategy of the college by placing content management into a web browser accessible dashboard that provides greater flexibility for department and content generators to create, edit, and maintain content.

  • Initiated web content migration to move academic program and departmental websites to the new content management system.

  • Developed and taught training classes for CFCC content managers to familiarize them to the new content management system.

New Website Content

  • Lots and lots of migrated websites.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Was elected (and currently serving as) Vice President of DiDD North Carolina Community College Association of Digital Designers and Developers

Completed Projects So Far.

The MarTech website is complete and you can view it here. Launching the site had it’s fair share of snags but overall an improvement compared to the original.

While you are enjoying the new MarTech website, have  a look at the wp-theme  I threw together for the News and Events Blog.

“Threw together” is really a good description for how that project went down. I started and finished it very quickly. I wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel for this project. I just wanted an updated look that matched the rest of the website.

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Mobile Site 2010: Library In The Pocket.

First of all Kudos to you if you get the Mobile Suit Gundam reference. (Yeah, Yeah, I know. I’m a nerd)

The CFCC library is taking a foray into the realm of mobile web pages and I’m going along for the ride. I started by attending (along side Catherine Lee and Melissa Raymer) a webinar presented by David Woodbury, Libraries Fellow and Jason Casden, Digital Technologies Development Librarian at North Carolina State University.

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New Project Sneak-Peak

I’m in a sharing mood today. (Aren’t you lucky.) I’m going to show off some of the website mock-ups recently submitted to the Humanities and Fine Arts and Marine Technology Departments. These are far from complete and are currently being evaluated by the departments, so the jury is still out on which of the designs will be the final.

I’ve opened this post to comments so feel free to leave feedback.

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