Wrapping Up for the Holidays.

Counting this little post I’ll  wrap up the year with 15 Blogs posts. This does not include the tutorials I’ve posted to the DIY Web Resources blog. I’m not tooting my horn, but at the beginning of 2009 I promised more posts to this here work blog. I’ve delivered one blog post a month which is plenty considering that no one is reading this.

To close out the year I’ll share with a few projects that are either finished or in development.
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Web Cam

We have finally installed our first web cam. It’s primary purpose is to record and catalog the construction of Union Station.  The camera is a Pan Tilt Zoom dome camera capable of 360 degree movement and an impressive zoom.
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28…er…68 Days Later

Wow. Time flies huh. The undead Cape Fear Bond site launched a long time ago. You can go check it out.

One of the features that pushed the development of the Cape Fear Bond site is the web cam. Our web cam has arrived and it’s mount is currently being fabricated. It will be placed on the north-west corner of the L building at the downtown campus.
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Cape Fear Bond: Rise of the Undead-Zombie-Site.

In the fall of 2008 Cape Fear region voters overwhelmingly voted yes to enact a 146 million dollar bond that would allow Cape Fear Community College to build new classroom buildings and dramatically expand it’s capability to offer educational services to the region.

At that time I had created a brochure site to help promote the bond and the college. That site is still up, lurching through the internet in undead grotesqueness. It is un-updated, un-loved  and you can see it here.

It needs to come down.
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CFCC Gets a Facelift.

Today I launched the new CFCC home page redesign. The page was redesigned to provide more “real estate” and to make content and navigation more obvious and easy to access. A new section of content was added that will feature promotional “Blurbs”. The “Blurbs” will be promote special events, policy changes, new programs  and important announcements that will be displayed temporarily on the home page.
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