McBride Profile

I love teaching at Cape Fear Community College. Teaching was not my original plan when I started college; in fact, I only decided on teaching after I completed an internship in an English class here at CFCC. It was exciting, and I looked forward to coming each day. That’s how I knew teaching was for me.
I obtained my BA in English as well as an MA in English with a focus in Critical Literacy at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After teaching for a year, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Linguistics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Upon completion, I returned to CFCC to resume teaching. I have been teaching for 9 years now, and I am still excited to get up in the morning and come to school—words not often heard!
I love teaching because I love to see students gain confidence and a sense of empowerment as the semester progresses. I love to be a part of the process when someone is seeking to learn and meet goals he/she has set. I really love to see the look of realization on a student’s face as a new concept is grasped or a love of reading is remembered or even born.
I teach and have taught a variety of courses here at CFCC: ENG 075, ENG 085, ENG 095, ENG 101, ENG 102, ENG 111, ENG 112, ENG 114, and ENG 131. I have also served as the Technical Writing Lead Instructor.
I look forward to teaching for many years to come, and I am proud to be part of a college that plays such an important role in helping others reach their dreams and goals.