Linda Eicken’s Profile

I have been teaching English at CFCC since 1997. I started my teaching career in the Midwest, teaching for a dozen years at Western Illinois University before coming out to North Carolina for the year-round tennis and the relaxed atmosphere.

I “took a break” from teaching and worked in the private sector for three years in industrial training, where I learned how to create training materials in several mediums: print, video, and computer-based modules and simulations. This generated my particular interest and experience for teaching our English 114 (Professional Research and Reporting) course. It also gave me a good start in computer-based training; I was one of the first group of instructors at CFCC to develop and teach online.

As with many English teachers, I came to teaching because I am an avid reader and love literature!! I love to read and discuss the ideas posed by writers, so teaching college was the natural place to be. I missed the classroom and my interaction with the students, so I left the world of industrial training and “came back to school.” Of the courses I teach, Introduction to Literature and American Literature are among my favorites.

What I like best about teaching at CFCC instead of a university is the diversity of the courses I teach, the diversity of the students, and the dedication of students who come to learn. Many of our students are focused on a specific career goal, and they are ready and motivated to learn. What could be a better working environment??