Lynn Criswell

I have been teaching at CFCC for eleven years after receiving my B.A. in English and Professional Writing and an M.A. in Critical Literacy, both from UNCW.  I have taught English 075, 085, 095, 101, 102, 111, 112, and 114, but my primary focus is on the developmental courses.

I enjoy teaching at CFCC and plan to be here for the rest of my career.  I love the diversity in age and ethnicity of my students as well as the broad range of life experiences we all bring to the classroom.  Every one of my classes develops a unique personality, and I always look forward to knowing my students as writers and individuals.

I use a variety of teaching methods from group work to small lectures, but my favorite classroom time is during full class discussions.  I enjoy hearing about students’ experiences and perspectives, and I think we create a deeper understanding of topics when we discuss them respectfully.

I believe the way to improve reading and writing skills is simply to read and write often.  I believe that each student’s perspective is valuable.  I believe that all CFCC classes should be rigorous and challenging so students can achieve success in future educational and professional endeavors; I have high standards and expectations and will do all I can to help students fulfill their personal goals.