Meredith Merrill’s Profile

For seventeen years now, I’ve had the privilege to teach English within the North Carolina Community College system. After receiving my BA in English with an emphasis in Professional and Creative Writing and my North Carolina Secondary Teaching certification from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, I began teaching developmental English and reading courses at Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) part-time in the early 1990’s. I immediately knew that I wanted to seek full-time employment within a community college because of the rich diversity of the student body, so I returned to UNCW’s Watson School of Education to earn my Master of Arts in Teaching English with emphasis on adult literacy.

In 1999, I accepted a full-time job at Southeastern Community College (SCC) in Whiteville, NC, about an hour west of Wilmington. For five years I taught a variety of composition and business writing courses and served as chair and editor of Aries Literary Magazine. While at SCC, I left the classroom for a year to work in Student Development as the college’s Recruiter, where I gained invaluable experience learning about the vital importance of that division of the college.

In 2003 I returned to CFCC full-time, where I have enjoyed teaching mainly composition and developmental English courses. For three years I served as co-chair of Portals Literary and Arts Magazine. During the fall of 2010, I began a new challenge when I took the position as Developmental English and ACA Coordinator. My training as a Developmental Education Specialist during the summer of 2001 at Kellogg Institute at Appalachian State University, along with my participation in the North Carolina Community College Leadership program series during the 2001-2002 school year, helped prepare me for my new, current role.

My educational interests include learning theory, education reform, and the teaching of grammar.