New books

 Ethics (Opposing Viewpoints)– Roman Espejo, Book Editor                                        BJ 1025 .E825 2010


Celebrity Culture (Opposing Viewpoints) Book Editor, Roman Espejo                                BJ 1470.5 .C46 2011


Does the World Hate the U.S.? (At Issue) Roman Espejo, Book Editor                       E 895 .D64 2009


The Role of the Government (Confronting Global Warning) by Jacqueline Langwith                       GE 180 .R65 2011


The Role of the Individual (Confronting Global Warming) by Rebecca Ferguson  GE 195 .F47 2011


The Culture of Beauty (Global Viewpoints) Laruie Willis, Book Editor                     GT 499 .C85 2011


Tax Reform (Opposing Viewpoints) Noel Merino, Book Editor                              HJ 2381 .T384 2011


Reforming Wall Street (Opposing Viewpoints)  David Haugen and Susan Musser, Book Editors           HB 3722 .R427 2001


 The World Economy (Current Controversies) Noel Merino, Book Editor                                        HB 3722 .W67 2010


 Should the U.S. Reduce its Consumption?  (At Issue) David Haugen and Susan Musser, Book Editors                                         HC 110 .C6 S54 2011


 Deregulation (Opposing Viewpoints) Dedria Bryfonski, Book Editor                                     HD 3616 .U47 D425  2011


Drunk Driving (At issue) Stefan Kiebye, Book Editor                                           HE 5620 .D72 D785 2011


Advertising (Opposing Viewpoints)  Roman Espejo, Book Editor                                          HF 5831 .A342 2010


Consumer Debt (Current Controversies) Joseph Tardiff, Book Editor                                 HG 3755 .C588 2010


Do Abstinence Programs Work? (At Issue) Christina Fisanick, Book Editor                                              HQ 27 .D69 2010


Homosexuality (Opposing Viewpoints)  Cynthia A. Bily, Book Editor                                       HQ 76.25 .H67375 2009


Human Trafficking (Current Controversies)  Christina Fisanick, Book Editor                        HQ 281 .H864 2010


 Child Pornography (At Issue)  Amanda Hiber, Book Editor                                            HQ 471 .C45 2009


Marriage (Global Viewpoints) Alicia Cafferty Lerner, Book Editor                                               HQ 734 .M35 2009


Teen Pregnancy and Parenting (Current Controversies) Lisa Krueger, Book Editor                       HQ 759.4 .T4252 2011

Beauty Pageants (At Issue)   Noel Merino, Book Editor                                                   HQ 1219 .B349 2010


Women in Islam (At Issue)  Diane Andrews Henningfeld, Book Editor                                            HQ 1170 .W577 2011


 Slavery Today (At Issue) Ronald D. Lankford, Jr., Book Editor                                                HT 867 .S53 2010


Foster Care (At Issue) Debra Bloom, Book Editor                                                     HV 713 .F67 2010



Chemical Dependency (Opposing Viewpoints) Roman Espejo, Book Editor                               HV 4998 .C444 2011


Teen Drug Abuse (Opposing Viewpoints) David E. Nelson, Book Editor                                                  HV 5824 .Y68 T43 2011


 Drug Legalization (Current Controversies) Noel Merino, Book Editor                                                HV 5825 .D77667 2011


Piracy on the High Seas (At Issue)  Noah Berlatsky, Book Editor                                           HV 6433.785 .P57 2010


Gangs (Opposing Viewpoints) Adela Soliz, Book Editor                                                     HV 6439 .U5 G3586 2009


Domestic Violence (Opposing Viewpoints) Mike Wilson, Book Editor                                                    HV 6626 .D634 2009


Child Abuse (Opposing Viewpoints) Heidi Williams, Book Editor                                HV 6626.5 .C4716 2009


Racial Profiling (Opposing Viewpoints) David Erik Nelson, Book Editor                                               HV 7936 .R3 R323 2009


Racial Profiling (At Issue) Kathy L. Hahn, Book Editor                                                 HV 7936 .R3 R326 2011


 Is Torture Ever Justified? (At Issue) Tsamara L. Roleff, Book Editor                                                         HV 8593 .I8 2011


 Is Socialism Harmful? (At Issue) Ronald d. Lankford, Jr., Book Editor                                   HX 86 .I79 2011


Human Rights (Global Viewpoints) Margaret Haerens, Book Editor                                            JC 571 .H76846 2011


Voter Fraud (At Issue) Roman Espejo, Book Editor                                        JK 1994 .V68 2010


Immigration (Opposing Viewpoints) David M. Haugen, Susan Musser and Kacy Lovelace, Book Editors      JV 6465 .I4715 2009


Globalization (Opposing Viewpoints) David Haugen and Rachael Mach, Book Editors                   JZ 1318 .G5786223 2010

 Taxation (Issues on Trial) Sylvia Engdahl, Book Editor                                     KF 6289.85 .T39 2011

 Education (Opposing Viewpoints) David Haugen and Susan Musser, Book Editors           LA 217.2 .E34 2009


1,000 Fingerplays & Action Rhymes (BOOK and DVD) by Barbara A. Scott                        LB 1139.5 .A68 S35 2010


School Reform (Opposing viewpoints) Noah Berlatsky, Book Editor                              LB 2806 .S3424 2011

Is Media Violence a Problem? (At Issue) Stefan Kiesbye, Book Editor                           P 96 .V5 I82 2010


Television (Opposing Viewpoints) Margaret Haerens, Book Editor                                      PN 1992.6 .T3775 2011


Global Warming (Opposing Viewpoints) David Haugen, Susan Musser, and Kacy Lovelace, Book Editors                                     QC 981.8 .G56 G578 2010

Genetic Engineering (Opposing Viewpoints) David M. Haugen and Susan Musser, Book Editors                                                  QH 442 .G446 2009


 Medical Ethics (Current Controversies) Noel Meriono, Book Editor                                  R 724 .M29274 2011


Health Care (Current Controversies) Noel Merino, Book Editor                                                   RA 395 .A3 H3857 2011


The Uninsured (Current Controversies) Debra A. Miller, Book Editor                                        RA 413.7 .U53 U535 2011

Behavioral Disorders (Opposing viewpoints) Louise I. Gerdes, Book Editor                                 RJ 506 .B44 B435 2010


Obesity (Opposing viewpoints) Scott Barbour, Book Editor                                    RA 645 .O23 O22 2011


Wave and Tidal Power (At Issue) Louise I. Gerdes, Book Editor                                                  TC 147 .W375 2011

Water (Opposing Viewpoints) Jacqueline Langwith, Book Editor                                                        TD 348 .W377 2010