CFCC Announces New Career Readiness Program

March 10, 2009
CFCC Announces New Career Readiness Program
WILMINGTON – In today’s competitive job market, making yourself stand out among other qualified job applicants can be challenging. That’s one of the benefits of the new Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) Program offered at Cape Fear Community College. 
For job-seekers, having a Career Readiness Certificate can make the difference between getting an interview or getting rejected. The CRC program is used by employers throughout the state to measure certain skills of potential and current employees. Basically, the certificate assures employers that a potential candidate can actually do the job for which they are applying.
After surveying 13,000 individual jobs across the country, the program’s developers determined what skills are most valuable to those who succeed in them. The skills needed by most jobs include Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. The CRC tests students in each of these areas.
To earn a certificate, participants must pass a test for each area. Depending on how high students score, they can earn a rank of bronze, silver or gold certificate – gold being the highest. Certifications needed vary from job to job. Some only need a bronze certification, while others require a gold.
Training classes are free for those who are students, unemployed or underemployed.  Training is available at CFCC’s Business Industry and Government Center in downtown Wilmington or online. Tests to obtain the certificate are $30, but some people my qualify for free tests depending on their employment status.
After earning a certificate, students can use it to promote themselves to employers along with the other credentials, like degrees and diplomas.
The Career Readiness Certification is a collaborative effort of the N.C. Community College System, JobLink Career Centers, Workforce Development Boards and the N.C. Department of Commerce. A few of the N.C. based companies that use the CRC include Campbell Soup, Burt’s Bees, Goodyear, Energizer, Volvo Construction Equipment and many others.
For more information about the CRC program at CFCC, contact 362-7050 or email