CFCC’s Real Estate Graduates Score 100%

Cape Fear Community College real estate students posted a 100% pass ratio for all of 2008 and the first six months of 2009. This is higher than all other local real estate school competitors.

It is an extraordinary accomplishment when you consider that the average pass fail ratio for all real estate schools in North Carolina was only 72%,” said Laurel Pettys, CFCC real estate instructor.

The N.C. Real Estate Commission website, , shows the “cumulative examination performance summary report by school”.  The report shows the performance of students taking the exam for the first time during the reporting period who also completed their Broker Pre-Licensing course within 180 days prior to their examination date. 

CFCC’s real estate licensing program provides licensing education required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission for students preparing to take the real estate license examination and for provisional brokers that are seeking removal of the provisional status. 


Course work includes the practices and principles of real estate, broker relationships as they apply to customers, sellers and buyers, contract procedures, fair housing and real estate methodology.  Course work also includes professional development opportunities.


Graduates who pass the real estate license examination and obtain a real estate provisional broker license should qualify for removal of the provisional status and then be able to provide basic, residential real estate services as a broker affiliated with a real estate brokerage firm. 

For more information about CFCC’s real estate program, call 362-7467.