Pender Early College Students Get a Edge on Jobs with New Certificate from CFCC

BURGAW – A group of students at Pender Early College High School (PECHS) now have an extra edge when it comes to getting a job when they graduate.
Earlier this month, 18 PECHS students earned a Career Readiness Certificate through Cape Fear Community College.  The certificate is a nationally recognized award that indicates that the holder has the universal skills required to be successful in a wide variety of jobs. 
According to Jack Kolcun, CFCC’s Career Readiness Coordinator, certain employers across the state and in the local area will preferentially hire individuals with this certificate.  The certificate does not replace job-specific skills, but complements technical knowledge to make an employee more well-rounded and more marketable.
“Studies show that people who have this credential are easier to train, make fewer mistakes, are more productive and generally have higher morale than others,” Kolcun said.
To earn their certificates, students went through an intense three to four-day study program.  The program focuses on the core skills of reading, mathematics and interpreting data from charts and graphs.  Once completed, students can read and interpret complex legal documents; they have demonstrated the analytical skills needed to solve math problems encountered in industry; and finally they can read and interpret complex charts and graphs and make sound decisions on the basis of the data they see.
There are three levels of achievement: A gold level, a silver level and bronze level. The higher the level, the better the chance a student will have to qualify for a job. Higher skills indicate a person’s readiness for a greater range of responsibility.
Housed at CFCC’s Burgaw Center, PECHS students participated in the program as part of extra-curricular activities to enhance their professional development.  These activities are designed to help students find employment or pursue higher education opportunities such as a baccalaureate degree.  These activities are done outside of the normal classroom activities.
For more information about CFCC’s Career Readiness Certificate, contact Jack Kolcun at (910) 362-7050.