CFCC Cosmetology Students Garner Major Awards at Regional Competition

CFCC's winning cosmetology students ansd faculty pose with their trophies.

The Cape Fear Community College Cosmetology Program competed in the Association of Cosmetology Salon Professionals “Professional Affiliate of the Year – A Fantasy Competition” meet on Saturday and Sunday, April 17 & 18, 2010 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The students won a total of 22 awards in a wide variety of different categories, including school team of the year.

There were a total of nine schools from around the Southeast in the competition.

This year’s winners include:

Fantasy Competition:

1st Place Team – Crystal Clark, Gail Talman, Dana Webb, Jill Clark (model).

3rd Place Team – Andrenna Johnson, Shigeta McMillan, Candace Stone, Victoria Morace (Model

School Team of the Year:

1st Place Team – Hannah Simpson, Betsy Hedgepeth Courtney Hall, Kelsey Brown (Model)

2nd Place Team – Ashley Brown, Meredith Manning, Nicole Barton, Christina Kirby (Model)

Student Female Hair Shaping:

2nd Place – Brea Stines

Female Daytime Blow-Dry Styling:

2nd Place – Brea Stines

3rd Place – Marisa Vita

Ladies Evening Makeup:

1st Place – Addie Jo Bannerman, Courtney Carrara (Model)

2nd Place – Natawsha Vondrak, Alexandria Nixon (Model)

3rd Place – Leanne Mackey, Jennifer Morris (Model)

Male Daytime Blow-Dry Styling:

1st Place – Antonio Moore

Bridal Gala:

1st Place – Risheta Canty

2nd Place – Hutchinson Strickland

3rd Place – Chassitie Douglas

Black and White Nail Art:

1st Place – Amanda Glaves

Realistic Nail Art:

1st Place – Joselyn Santiago

2nd Place – Soledad Seliciano

3rd Place – Amanda Glaves

Fantasy Nail Art:

1st Place – Karina Hernandez

2nd Place – Amanda Glaves, Kiara McKoy (Model)

Fantasy Hair:

1st Place – Hannah Simpson, Kelsey Brown (Model)

Ladies Avant Garde:

3rd Place – Verkeitta Jones