CFCC Students Try Their Hands at Virtual Gardening

Students at Cape Fear Community College can plants dozens of shrubs, transplant full-grown trees and arrange flower beds all without getting their hands dirty.

In order to better equip students with real-world skills before entering the workplace, the Landscape Gardening curriculum recently purchased DynaScapes computer design software in a new computer lab at CFCC’s North Campus. 

This award-winning software offers the newest in design technology and is currently being taught at more than 70 universities across North America and is an industry standard. Students will learn to quickly produce high quality computerized commercial designs  – giving them a competitive edge once they graduate from the Landscape Gardening program. The program will allow students access to a plant database of more than 9,000 plants and 1,200 design symbols that can be inserted into drawings at the scale and paper size of choice.

Once a design is completed, students still have to do all the hard work of measuring, digging, transplanting the flora. With the use of the software, students get real world experience in planning a design, which can save time and money when it comes time to do the “real work.” 

“We want our students to be exposed to as many areas of the landscaping industry as possible and be given useful and practical training,” said CFCC Landscape Gardening Instructor Michael Jones.

“Our new technology computer lab and DynaScapes will be a super addition,” Jones said. 

CFCC’s associate degree and certificate landscape gardening programs offers classes in plant selection and use, horticultural pest management, turf management, greenhouse plant production, retention pond management and landscape construction.

For more information contact CFCC landscape design instructor Michael Jones at 602-3949.