Report Card: CFCC Ranks High Among State’s Community Colleges

Cape Fear Community College recently earned an impressive “8 out of 8″ score on its annual report card from North Carolina. According to the 2010 Critical Success Factors Report published by the N.C. Community College System, CFCC met all eight of the indicators. CFCC was among 24 out of 58 community colleges in the state to meet all eight measures. College officials presented the report at a CFCC Board of Trustees meeting held on Sept. 10.

The report measures a variety of factors designed to gauge college performance around the state. The factors include everything from student satisfaction, graduation and transfer rates, and test scores of graduating students in health care programs. CFCC’s nursing students earned a 100% pass rate on their certification exams, which was higher than the state average of 89%. The report used data collected from the 2008-2009 academic year.

The Core Indicators of Student Success include:

A. Progress of Basic Skills Students
B. Passing Rates on Licensure and Certification Examinations
C. Performance of College Transfer Students
D. Passing Rates of Students in Developmental Courses
E. Success Rates of Developmental Students in Subsequent College-Level Courses
F. Satisfaction of Program Completers and Non-Completers
G. Curriculum Student Retention, Graduation, and Transfer
H. Client Satisfaction with Customized Training

CFCC President Eric McKeithan was pleased with the results and attributes the college’s success to the hard work of the faculty and staff and community supporters.

“The success of the college is a reflection of the high level of dedication on the part of faculty and staff along with the support of all the volunteers that serve on the board of trustees, foundation board of directors and numerous advisory committees,” McKeithan said.

The report also indicated that 98% of CFCC students were satisfied with the college and 99% met their goal after attending. CFCC’s Small Business Center earned a 99% satisfaction rating by clients for its services and courses for local businesses.

The state also measures employment figures of graduates one year after completing the program. According to the report, 98.7 % of CFCC graduates had jobs or were continuing their education at a higher level one year after graduation.

The report also indicated that CFCC had an annual enrollment of 27,909 students, which is 14.5% of the local population of New Hanover and Pender counties.

First mandated by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1989, the Critical Success Factors report has evolved into the major accountability document for the North Carolina Community College System. This twenty first annual report on the critical success factors is the result of a process undertaken to streamline and simplify accountability reporting by the community college system. The purpose of this report is twofold. First, this document is the means by which the community college system reports on performance measures, referred to as core indicators of success, for purposes of accountability and performance funding. Second, this document serves as an evaluation instrument for the System Strategic Plan.

The full 2010 report can be found here: