Cape Fear Garden Club Makes Grant for Beautification of CFCC Waterfront

The Cape Fear Garden Club awarded a grant to Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) in the amount of $6,432 for a “Beautification of the Waterfront Area” project.  The purpose of the project was to enhance an area at the rear of Our Place, CFCC’s Hotel-Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts dining room with plants, shrubs, and other landscaping elements.  Located on Water Street between the Coastline Convention Center and the Hilton Riverside, the waterfront area connects portions of the City of Wilmington’s Riverwalk.  The location is accessible to students, faculty and staff, visitors to the campus, and the general public.

The Riverwalk, one of Wilmington’s most popular tourist destinations, stretches from the Chamber of Commerce building to Nun Street.  Sightseers walk through the area behind CFCC to continue on the Riverwalk.  However, many individuals actually believed they had to make a detour to the Water Street sidewalk, and then get back on the Riverwalk once they reach the Hilton.  The beautification project will make this section more visible and inviting to visitors so they no longer have to walk around the area.

The Cape Fear Garden Club, established in 1925, is the oldest and largest garden club in North Carolina and among the largest garden clubs in the nation.  One objective of the garden club is to encourage environmental improvement through civic development, beautification, restoration, and to aid in the protection and conservation of the Cape Fear Region’s native trees, plants, and birds.