CFCC Small Business Center to Offer Certified Sustainability Officer Training

WILMINGTON – The Small Business Center at Cape Fear Community College in conjunction with the Green Business League and NC Green Consultants, LLC will offer a week-long certification training program for individuals interested in becoming a certified sustainability officer (CSO).
The event will be held on March 7-11, 2011 at the downtown Wilmington campus.  During this week, the training program will be offered for those already in the business world who are ready to ratchet up their skills and knowledge while earning the designation as a CSO for their company and for aspiring candidates seeking to improve their value in the job market.
The training as a certified sustainability officer is intended for companies interested in “going green” but wishing to avoid the costs and intrusion of hiring an outside firm to provide the guidance necessary for the transition.
Attendees will represent the cutting edge of the new green business model.  The training is considered holistic in that is covers all critical areas of concern.  The status as a certified sustainability officer is more than a great resume addition.  The new CSO is trained to develop a professional sustainability policy and plan for the company that allows measured implementation of a sustainability plan for their firm.
Graduates of the program will receive a certificate as a CSO, and will have access to online software that will track the progress of the company.  In the end, sponsoring companies will be able to develop a comprehensive sustainability plan that leads to a highly-respected green business certification.
In accord with Executive Order #13514, it is suggested that the modern and smart businesses of this new greener economy should designate and encourage the development of a sustainability plan.  President Obama signed this order in the fall of 2009.  Many of the leading Fortune 1000 companies have already begun their sustainability program in light of this and other market demands.
Tuition for the training is $1,500, and all materials will be provided at the class.  There are 15 modules in all and nearly 420 pages of text.  The training is enjoyable as well as informative.  When completed, the student will have a clear path to perform the task as a CSO for the sponsoring company. More information on actual course content can be found at
Registration for the class must be done at  Instructions for on line payment, directions, local accommodations, and maps will be sent upon registration. For more details, contact the CFCC Small Business Center at (910) 362-7469.