Students “Discover” Dinosaur Egg During CFCC Geology Class

It wasn’t part of an Easter egg hunt, but students at Cape Fear Community College recently “discovered” an egg during a geology class. The egg didn’t come from the Easter Bunny or even a chicken – it came from a dinosaur.

As part of a forensics geology project at CFCC, students bring in unusual rocks or artifacts and work to identify them with the help of instructor Phil Garwood – known as “Dr. Rocks” at CFCC.

Last week, a student brought an unusual-looking rock to class that belonged to his next-door neighbor. It was fairly smooth and round – about the size of a grapefruit with a series of well-defined cracks along the outside.

After closer examination, Garwood and the students determined that the rock was actually a fossilized hadrosaur egg, estimated to be between 60-80 million years old.

Surprises like these don’t come often, but Garwood says that discoveries like this really help to inspire students to use their critical thinking skills.

“It’s amazing to see what students have brought in,” Garwood said.

Over the years, the students have brought in thousands of fossils, Native American artifacts and pieces of petrified wood, some of which remain on display at the college.