World Trade Center Artifact Coming to CFCC

To honor and pay tribute to the fire fighters and other first responders that gave their lives to protect others on Sept. 11, 2001, Wilmington will be getting two pieces of the World Trade Center to memorialize.

Both the Wilmington Fire Department and Cape Fear Community College each have acquired one piece of steel from the World Trade Center Buildings. The artifacts will be picked up in New York by members of the WFD and are expected to arrive back in Wilmington on June 8. A ceremony will take place at Independence Mall on June 8 coordinated with the arrival of the artifacts. Estimated time of arrival is 2:00 pm and anticipated start time for the ceremony will be approximately 2:30 pm. The artifacts will remain on site at the mall for public viewing until 6:00 pm that day. Plans for the ceremony are still being worked out and we will provide you more details about the ceremony when we get closer to the event.

Later this year, CFCC plans to officially dedicate its piece at the CFCC Safety Training Center at a memorial ceremony on Sept. 11, 2011 where it will be permanently displayed. WFD will be using their piece as a memorial that is planned for the new Empie Park fire facility.