CFCC Marine Technology students and crew help recover Blackbeard’s Anchor

Cape Fear Community College Marine Technology students and crew assist marine archaeologists recover a 3,000-pound anchor from the wreck of Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge.

On Friday, May 27, the crew of the R/V Dan Moore along with a handful of students in CFCC’s Marine Technology program were off the coast of Morehead City to help raise an anchor from what’s believed to be the shipwreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge – the flagship of the notorious pirate Blackbeard.

The mission was a success by all accounts. Capt. Steve Beuth piloted the ship to the designated position in about 20 feet of water. Marine archaeologists from the Queen Anne’s Revenge project first inflated a pair of balloons which lifted the 3,000-pound anchor off the ocean floor. The anchor was then towed over to the starboard side of the R/V Dan Moore where it was attached to the 10-ton crane of the R/V Dan Moore.

As CFCC crewmember Bill Carson mannned the ship’s crane to lift the anchor out of the water, the weight of the anchor caused the ship to lean to it’s starboard side. Once out of the water, the ocean swells caused the anchor to swing from side to side, causing some brief tense seconds for the crew. However, in just a few minutes Carlson, along with CFCC students, and QAR technicians carefully guided the anchor gently onto the ship.

Once safely on deck, archeologists, students, crew and members of the news media got the a close look at the anchor, which was covered in concretions after being underwater for the last 300 years.

The final task for the crew was to deliver to anchor back to the State Port of Morehead City where it was lifted onto a truck, which took the artifact to be studied and preserved.