CFCC Employees Donate $80,000 for Student Scholarships

WILMINGTON – A record-breaking 79% of Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) faculty and staff have generously donated almost $80,000 for student scholarships and academic program support during the college’s annual Campus Fund Drive.

“Even in a year marked by general economic decline and no salary increases, CFCC employees have once again demonstrated their unflagging support of the students they serve,” said Margaret Robison, executive director of the CFCC Foundation.

The theme of this year’s drive was “CFCC: This is Who We Are” and focused on the message that Cape Fear Community College is a family of hard-working faculty that give of their time and talents to support students and that the staff at all levels make the college a great place to work.

The fund drive kicked off at the College’s August In-Service meeting for employees, where a student spoke about the impact that scholarships made on her life. “She truly inspired the employees with her story about overcoming great obstacles to achieve success,” said Campus Fund Drive co-chair Sarah Gaither.

“It amazes me how dedicated and determined our students are, no matter how much they are struggling to juggle families, school and work,” Gaither said.

“Seeing the college family come together in support of our students was not a surprise but inspiring,” said Campus Fund Drive co-chair Bob Philpott.

“We chose our theme ‘CFCC: This is Who We Are’ because we know this college family has always been student-centered and understand the needs of the students we serve. It was an honor to help in the very successful fall campaign,” Philpott stated.

The campaign also included fun events for employees such as bagel breakfasts for teams with 100% participation and ice cream socials for all who donated.

The CFCC Campus Fund is supported solely by CFCC employees and funds approximately 75 scholarships, along with grants to academic departments for special projects. The fund drive is hosted by the CFCC Foundation each year during the month of September, but employees also donate year-round to the Campus Fund with gifts to commemorate birthdays and other special occasions, or as a memorial to loved ones.


For more information about providing scholarship opportunities for Cape Fear Community College students, please contact the CFCC Foundation at 910.362.7207 or visit